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  1. I will avoid hdbplumbers at all cost. Was trying to fix appointment for our place for tomorrow after one call the guy who handles the central hotline went MIA and not responding. Waste people time
  2. Hi anyone can share namja contractor contact as well?
  3. Mine was done by Peter, generally ok and patient guy, but like all ID, make sure your requirements are all worded clearly in black and white & do a regular checks throughout the process to avoid misunderstanding. Me and wife is pretty busy to visit the site all the time, so had a few minor conflicts due to misunderstanding by both parties, but it ended pretty well for both parties in the end, guess that is part of the reno xp tat everyone goes thru. But generally was pleased with his work, and his sub contracter esp electrician are really friendly and accomodating where possible.
  4. truth8, did you manage to find a wallpaper installer? Im also looking for one as had some wallpaper brought in on my own and looking for someone experience to install them, so if you do find one, can you help to refer me the contacts too? Thanks!
  5. ya actually am looking for someone who can do tat...wanted to do like a small shower stool and also bedside cabinet using solid surface..any contacts that is affordable?
  6. Hi guys, anyone knows how do I remove the aluminum rectangular flush cover for the wall mount toilet bowl? I tried to pull it from various angle and can't seem to do it. thanks for the advice.
  7. oops sorry for the late revert - didn't realize that someone responded. Serene - it's actually per unit, so got to X 2. Not sure if the price is reasonable but went ahead with it anyway....
  8. Hi guys, need some urgent help - I'm thinking of asking my ID to include in Stainless strips across my wardrobe as design. Those will be thin line e.g. 2mm thick shiny stainless steel trimming. So wanted to know what is the pricing like in case I'm made into a carrothead
  9. Hi guys, need urgent help as have recently requested for our ID to quote for retiling (last minute decision) of our 2 bathrooms. I just need to assess if just the tiling works itself is reasonable? Let me know if someone can help me on this? Thanks! Supply, install & overlay new wall tiles for toilet area. (Tiles approx @$3.00.psf) 2 units $1600 Supply, install & overlay new floor tiles for toilet area. (Tiles approx @$3.00psf) 2 units $500
  10. Hi, so A56VK comes in white color? Thinking of getting that, but the site seems to show that it is silver/grey color, looking for a powerful white color fan.
  11. anyone know where to get a buddha water feature, I saw it once at Iwannagohome but they doesnt seem to carry it anymore. Anyone can help to know of alternative shop that sells a variety of such fountain?
  12. Guys - do u all if any of these shops carry designer book cabinets..not the tall ones though.
  13. Nope not yet, scheduled for April cos tats when my new place will be ready. Ya if only they have something that can be installed on metal gates - that will be cool!
  14. hmmm..honestly I cant find them listed as HDB registered renovation contractors. Lucia, can you help to pass me their registration number since you have engaged them before? Maybe I'm just searching it wrongly. Thanks.
  15. haha k anyway thanks for sharing, I will love to buy from them if they are really priced within my budget, but too ex leh the last time I enquire from the Yale distributor... Anyway how much are they pricing it now?