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  1. hi ryooki good luck in your handover this weekend :) ... post more photo ok
  2. hi sam, belated congrat from me ... so time to start enjoy what that had been created. trust me ... I am still trying too.
  3. understood your concern, if that the case, then should go for cement/concrete structure, but did thot of having mixture of cement & plywood previously, but drop that idea for sake of seamless design. anyway, I used to have cement in my old flat. Hard chopping/hacking/butchering of raw food is never a problem, other then concern neighbor downstair might complain. Had not tried on my granite, anyway, not going to for a least this few months, just get ntuc to chop for me for the food choking, nowaday most of the sink brand comes with this "basket strainer" accessories instead of normal one to ease removal of waste with extra cost. so u may want to look at that as well. also, nowaday some branded model sink like franke is made in china, u could feel see different in pricing & ss thickness.
  4. hi good input ... never thought of that. anyway, my sink is seating on top of my granite countertop & no concrete. To my understanding, if it is granite countertop, the cabinet plywood will have some re-enforcement meaning thicker at top portion. warp or bend ... touch wood so far none as I dont fill up with water or load with heavy stuff.
  5. Hi yup agreed. Looks for Marcus as he can made the call, meaning give out discount. Seriously, not all stuff a cheap but if u told him u find cheaper price some where else, he will advise u to buy from there instead. e.g I told him joven 25l is selling at $235 at everjoint amk, he said good price better get from them. my crizto wc leak after installed, they called up, arranged crizto ppl to come. Once, I told marcus it is fixed, he still wanna to be sure they do it properly, so he take the initiative to followup with crizto after that. Good attitude & after sales service (I need him to split up the delivery due to ID needs, they said no problem). No harm dropping by to see see
  6. Got it from ikea quite a while ago transferred from old place. cant recall the series name. seriously, I discovered the photo may turn yellowish after years ... maybe can redeveloped again. no worry
  7. sam nippon lerrr ... I still got the can with me. aiyo, how come nobody notice the price in my signature, also told sazeryn same thing ... rack is $190. if dun want white pvc plywood type then $160. visit www.yee-sin.com
  8. Life @ Punggol Day 5 Finally, gotten store rack installed by yee sin today. Called up yesterday, gave estimated dimension of my storeroom or rather bombshelter size, auntie checked their previous installation at punggol ... wah lahhhh, she called back mentioning that I can go for their standard l-shape package. Wanted them to do it quickly, so made appointment at 2:30-3pm today, worker called up around 1+pm to confirm that someone is at home. 2 workers arrived at 2pm & setup completed around 3pm. Uncle mentioned to wf that each rack can sustain up to 100kg. chosen gray rack with white pvc plywood (extra $30). photo taken by wf Heartache yesterday, as I kah kiang attempt to stick some poster in my studyroom with blue tack. Then when tried to remove some of it, the paint peel off. now I got 3 very obvious white patches on my green wall ... will DIY painting this weekend, fortunately, there still paint left by painter. Question, is there a certain duration for paint to settle down permanently before we can start sticking tape on it ? 1/2/3 weeks ?
  9. Hi It is solid plywood with laminate & abs trimming.
  10. 1stly thnx for the compliment hahaha I am like u very "bu she de" or "sin tung", those who not willing to throw old thing away. Imagine I still keep clothing that > 10years. But I believe my wf had secretly throw away them before the move. Now she targetting to throw my books nvm, as long as I dont realise, it ok. ok blum, actually my ID bought it for me as he can get 10% discount. What I did is I email blum to get the price list then I compare. tong lee ... been there but dissappointed as nothing to see, friendly sales lady said I need to tell them what I need, then they get price. So avoid the hastle of buying few blum accessories, wf and me decided to get ID to buy instead sorry cant help much here.
  11. right ... 2 words "artist impression"
  12. hi try my recipe http://www.renotalk.com/forum/index.php?sh...st&p=546496 see whether it work ... it work well for my stubborn masking tape on my window frame ... u may not need the cd though.
  13. Hi infinitie stay cool stay cool ... ID dun have assistant mehhh ? ask him to arrange one during his reservist if can. Good luck
  14. hey sam shiny & sui sui floor ... looks like yr progress hyperspeed, going early HO hahhh ... all the best !!!
  15. thnx u ... only thing I discovered before move-in everything look swee swee then when start unloading stuff ... start to look "different" liaww. I will post photo with stuff once wf arrange/hide swee swee