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  1. Just don't use mine. I hired Mr C. Tan for his good service but he sub it out to others and the work is so shabby. Drill so many holes on my study table and loose wire everywhere and said it's done. Can't give advices and keep blaming me for indecisiveness. Then bugs me for $$$ and then kept saying need to rush to other sites.
  2. I was looking for build in oven mainly for baking puff pastry, cookies, cakes and muffins. Not so much of grilling. Initially I was looking at Electrolux EOB5410 which is still having promotion at $999. Kong Tai selling at $890. But I hesitated because of the recent news regarding their gas stove as well as their poor customer service. I went to HN @ Millennium. The sales rep was so well verse in the baking that I advise me to go for the lower end Electrolux instead but encourages me to get Brandt. I've used Brandt before, so far the only set back was uneven baking which he explained that likely the heating coil is damaged because I stored my trays inside. And apart from that, there were no complains from his customers so far. I went to Suntec City HN and saw this beautiful La Germania F668 wall oven and it has 9 baking functions which suits all my needs. But I couldn't find any review on this oven. Now I'm in a dilemma as I need the oven next week for installation by the carpenter and electrician. So Brandt or La Germania??? Pls advise.
  3. My girl's room is not completed cause there was a delay in the shipment for the handles whichI ordered from Aliexpress. Sadly the quality turned out to be bad but I've got no choice but to install them when my carpenter come next week. Will look around and hope to find better handles to replace it soon. My girl's room was designed by my ID. As for my boy's room, I designed it according to what my boy wanted, so it's not as nice. :-(
  4. Here 2 photos of my boy's room. I don't really like the laminates but my boy insisted the colour combination. So far the workmanship is pretty good. I even visited the factory in woodlands before I sign up with the ID. The electrical wirings are not done yet in this stage.
  5. My renovation is almost done. So far so good. The only complaint I have is they are too fast. They have 2 carpenters working on each of my kids' room. Then one of the day, they sent in 3 carpenters to modify on my wet kitchen, touch up the rooms and constructing my TV console in the living room. Coming this week will be my dry kitchen. They probably finish in 3 days in my oven and fridge come in timely. Thereafter, my stone contractor will take measurement before installing my marble top in my dry kitchen.
  6. I've just learned from my friend during a Christmas gathering that he used Sky Creation when he bought his new condo. Despite it's a 90sqm area with ready made kitchen and wardrobe, he spent more than $90k just for his renovation. Not only that, the electrical cost him more than $5k which is ridiculous. I felt uneasy about the way they promo themselves. If they are really good, they don't need to spend so much time highlighting their workmanship. Honestly, if you've been through their showroom. The quality really sucks.
  7. So sorry for the very late respond. I don't know why Renotalk did not email me all the responses posted in my thread. I happened to drop in and saw your question. I hope you got a good ID. The ID who served me is Eric.
  8. I started to look for ID since the beginning of Oct 2016, it was a tough especially I'm renovating partial of my house. To cut the story short, just want to share my encounters with some IDs and hope those who are looking for partial renovation can just avoid these IDs as they are totally not interested in small budget (not more than S$30k) 1) Everxxxxn (New co) - Simple and nice showroom which you get to see many material utilized in such a small space. Initial interaction is good. ID came to evaluate the work and dimension. Quotation received after 4 days. No portfolio as ID said he is still compiling. Only 4 to 5 messages exchange and we were pleased. We asked to view their current WIP in the same location which he mentioned. Initially he said ok. After we asked him to arrange, he stopped messaging and no respond thereafter. 2) Pxx Kxxxg - Very friendly and helpful uncle. He came to measure and give lots of advice which are really very practical especially some repair works done by my previous ID. His quote is reasonable. But as my spouse wanted more sleek design and needed more ID input, he wasn't that keen to go with PK. But I've seen their work with my friend and I must say the carpentry work is good. 3) U-xxxe - Saw their showroom and really impressed with their design and workmanship. Talked to Mr Wm for 1 hour. He sound keen to quote and all info was exchanged. After a week, nothing from him. And not expecting. 4) Mxxxx (Sxx Creation) - Spouse wanted to look at the materials, went there and was assigned an ID, most of the materials are quite common, perhaps 3-4 items was new to us. Halfway through the introduction of all the 6000 sq ft area. I'm already felt it's such a waste of time, as the focus should be on what we want then advertising for their suppliers. After a sit down talk using our layout. We realised ID didn't actually paying attention with what we want and kept asking the same questions and forgetting here and there. We constantly repeated ourselves. What put us off is that they required us to make a deposit of S$2k to process their quotation. And kept promoting some S$3k vouchers but refused to list the suppliers which this voucher can be used. We felt uncomfortable and insisted to leave. 3 hours spent just to realised that their carpentry work is really bad and apart from that, those sign with them just have to be careful that they use compressed wood as well. 5) Abxxxxxk - We had a good experience with the ID. Visited the showroom and immediately saw what we actually wanted. The ID came and likes our layout as it gives him lots of ideas and he mentioned that it will allow him to have full play to his professional knowledge. Unfortunately, his quote is sky rocket and what disappointed us was his 2D drawings. Nothing of what we wanted. After all the set back, we turn to Renotalk and found a very popular ID. I called him and he responded within a day despite his busy schedule. 6) Cxxxxx Bxx - He came and definitely we can tell his expertise is there despite his carpentry work is in JB. He gave some advise and to me sounds good because he emphasized on proportion and space planning which helps. I really look forward to his quote and even if its above my budget, I'm willing to stretch it as I believe all the positive review about him are genuine. He promised to give me a quote 4 days later, on the 5th day, I messaged him and hours later he responded that he was busy clearing back log and will give me the following day. But after a week, nothing from him. It's a let down cause at least, he should be professional enough to say he can't quote and not just MIA. We went back to source for ID in the web and found 7) All Axxxx Dxxxxx - Meet up at a residence showflat, nicely and impressively done. Wish my house is like that even it's smaller. Nice chat with the ID (boss). After understanding our requirements, he says he will quote. So we message him 3 days later, but he was in the hospital and without pushing away his responsibility, he frankly told us they are also having tight schedule and couldn't meet our deadline. But being a professional, he refered us to another ID company which he has checked that they have the time slot for us. I must say, such professionalism is hard to find in the Renovation industry nowadays especially he looks so much younger then No: 6. So we are now waiting for our quote again... So much time lost just because some IDs are not gutsy enough to tell us upfront that they can't quote unless its a $$$ amount of renovation.
  9. Anyone use thecarpenter.com.sg before? They seems to be very good but I can't find any review here. If you have seen any, kindly post the link please. Thank you in advance.
  10. Any good ID to recommend for a living room makeover and construction of a dry kitchen in living area as well. Lots of carpentry and some carpentry modification work required as well. Prefer local carpenters. As I had a very bad experience when renovating my MBR as now the wear and tear shows badly after a year and got worse after 3 years. My cornice was dislodge and now dangling above the wardrobe. Wardrobe door also came off.
  11. In additional to that, some repair works to fit some carpentry damages which was done 7 years and 3 years ago.
  12. I am looking for a creative good ID, if there is... to remodel my living area. It will be challenging as there are a lot of existing wooden panelling that required to dismantle and wall to plaster. To build a 4.5m TV console with storage but look like a feature wall. As the same time. construct a dry kitchen within the dining area while accommodating a sit down dining table for at least 4. Lots of storage are required and creativity juice as well. Next, will be my kids' room. For a girl and a boy each of their own area to suit their needs and space. Then redo part of the wet kitchen to accommodate a dishwasher. This exercise is to avoid the existence of domestic help in the household. Good carpentry work is a must. Plumber is required as well and perhaps cornice expect too. Any ID to recommend, please help! Thank you!!!
  13. Nevermind lah! I no blogger. As long as somebody read it and don't use the ID can already.
  14. The TV console and dresser BEFORE AFTER This was the designer 3D drawings on my TV console and dresser only. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL DESIGN ARE DONE MY ME IN EXCEL FORMAT AND SENT TO THE ID FOR THIS 3D IMAGE.