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  1. Yes , can you give me the contact no# Just check with you the mirror is frameless? apply ply wood at the back side? how many can be done? workmanship ok?
  2. Yes , mine one must be slit into 3 pcs mirror and backside with plywood. May i know what is the cost for yr wall mirror? Can you give me the contact no# of Baroque Design? Thanks a lot.
  3. Hi Just curious how do you know the below item only $ 450? To fabricate & install (3X7)ft full height clear mirror c/w solid ply backing. $590.00 -should be $450 Do you have any supplier is doing the wall mirror? Can you give me their contact details? as i am looking for a mirror supplier to do a wall mirror size 3300mm x 1200mm **** hall.Thanks
  4. Hi Redox Have you find your supplier for your wall mirror? actually i oso looking for a supplier for wall mirror. my size is 3100mm x 1200mm. Can you give me the contact of the supplier if you already found it.thanks
  5. Hi May i know how much for the val + cov? which floor?
  6. Hi May i know where can order the customize mirror?
  7. May i know how much for this 2 item each?
  8. Hi Can you send me the pic of the sofa? i am interested bcos price is cheap!! heee...
  9. I feel reasonable not expensive? May i know is quote from deisgn firm or contractor? Mine is almost 30k but without build in wardrobe for 3 bedroom, fixture wall , tv console and whole house rewiring , aircon ,D8 & B7also.
  10. Hi May i know how much is it?
  11. Hi May i know need how long time to get the approved permit?
  12. Hi Htng My main door oso need to tilt .May i know do need to submit for approval?
  13. Would appreaciated if you chould share with us after the audition. next week will be my turn hope my house don't have any big issue.
  14. May i know wht is the price for the WC and basin package u bought?
  15. Hi... I also intend to purchase the recess area infront of my unit... but i saw yr msg saying u are still in the process to get your recess area , it is already more the 6 month??????? how come drag so long time? may i know where are u staying , which hdb branch? did u engage laywer to do the documentation? wht is the cost like? actually i hope can complete the transaction together with my 2nd appointment n doing the renovate together... Please share with me more about the procedure and wht thing need to take note .thank you so much....