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  1. khee


    Anyone got any lobang to hire Emcee? Those part time type...
  2. I got HTS5120 during the last Philips staff sales... Using it at my MBR where there is not much space... Of course soundbar cannot compare with a full 5.1 but it is neat and produce acceptable quality... HTS5120 come with wireless subwoofer...
  3. Grand opening is just to attach ppl to go there... Anyway prices are quite competitive there... just do your homework, they will try to match your price...
  4. Sorry... Onkyo NR708 with Mirage Nano 5.1... NR708 is around $1.1k after discount... Mirage is around $1.4k...
  5. Hi Guy, Here is a quote I got: R708 + Mirage 5.1: $2588 worth buying???
  6. ya man... ur PM is full... can share your contact?
  7. I got mine at mega discount store... seems like they are more focus on hitachi...
  8. light colors... just went up to take a look.. seems ok to me... I am still in the mid of renovating... Cabinet still not up... the ID said the painting is for base... after everything completed they will give a finishing coat... $1200 for the whole hse...
  9. I noticed my ID uses other Jotun as base coat instead of Dulux where we choose the color... Is it common that ID uses different brand of base coat or usually they need to use the same brand thru out?
  10. How much you was quoted? Megastore quoted $430..
  11. seems like most of their ID are quite inexperience... i spend 1hr talking to Exxx in NW Tradehub21... seems like he had done only 2 project or maybe only 2 project can show to customer.... after talking to them, we walk over to the other ID just beside them... 2Form... the lady tat serve us initally very tao... but she is down to the point.. very practical... took 1/2 hr to complete the sale pitch given by NW. So far, on surface package... NW got some gimmick lah... their free gift value is add on to the package price...