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  1. I also bought samsung, WF8702. Hope it's good.
  2. Which brand is most reliable for fridge? Any good model to recommend? Thanks!
  3. So out of the four types of blades materials, which is better?
  4. Anyone bought low-end Bosch WM? I was quoted $750 for WAE12060SG.
  5. Can share the price and place you bought it?
  6. I went all the way down to everjoint last Sunday but found it's closed...
  7. If bosch, which model is good and reasonable priced?
  8. Really? I'm considering to buy this model. If the quality is in doubts, I will switch to buy other brand...
  9. May I know where you bought it? What was the price?
  10. I'm thinking to buy a samsung front load or a bosch front load. The sales lady from Mega Discount told me bosch is more steady. Not sure which to buy...
  11. Today I went down to gain city at AMK. The price for Toshiba Invert System 3 is 2900+ and installation express fee 150. Yesterday I was told the price was 2700+ and installation express fee is 200 at gain city IMM shop. Finally I settle with "All Best" at $2788. GC is going worse and worse.
  12. I went to a few shops today for Toshiba inverter system3. The price are all near to $3000 with installation date only available weeks later. Anyone got good recommendation for better price?
  13. Hi forcesguy, please PM me the contact. Thx
  14. I'm also considering buying Fujioh FX900 and FG792. The price at Hoe Kee is $785, before bargain. What is the price you got? Anyone has experience with these models? And roughly how much discount can I get from Hoe Kee on hood and hob?