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  1. i think some of ikea's range r not bad n very solid
  2. some bbq specialised shop sell all u need from food to utensils 2
  3. can try those roach poison thingy. supermarkets like ntuc sells them 2
  4. another way is to try & make friends with them first. Then can politely tell them about your issues. jus my 2 cents worth of comments
  5. dun mind to share the contact with me also. thanks in advance
  6. starrysky

    Mirror Film

    i think mustafa also sells this type film, can check it out
  7. i heard they usually have promo at the end of the year
  8. May i ask wat is is number for? cherio...!
  9. How do we know who are the real IDs who wont give worse than contractor standard? New home is a headache......
  10. im looking for yummy crabs in spore.. anyone tried melben? izit overated?