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  1. Hi, I'm going to be your new neighbour! We have just confirmed purchase at the newer flats along Strathmore Ave! Your reno is looking good!
  2. Hi Umaisarah, Here we are again in this forum. 4 years ago, we both moved in to our condo. 4 years later, we both selling condo and getting HDB. Lol. My agent getting 2% from the condo sales and 0.5% from my HDB purchase. I didn't tried to do it without agent and never thought of doing so cos I thought it's gonna be difficult. Seems that it's not. So how is your situation now?
  3. Yes, we were once neighbours! i moved out in 2002 but I still go back once a week at least. Maybe can call you and drop by your nice place hor? hehe. i only go to that row of shops to see doc and have my favourite kway teow soup. been patronising the mee stall since i was a little girl. btw, you have problems with your blum drawer runners? some of mine cannot close properly liao wor. have to give it a push to close completely. ya.. workmanship wasn't tip top leh. and i don't know why the MBR toilet will have this awful sewage/**** smell after the reno complete. it's still there now lor.. numerous plumber visits also cannot solve. so sianz leh.
  4. hey yo!! long long time no see la. my house okie lor... not up to my high expectations standard but then i make do la. what to do? so how's yours? we move into our new house around the same time wor.
  5. hi mae, only saw your blog now since i've been missing for months after my reno completed!.. btw, i used to live in pandan for over 20 years, since i was a baby and only moved out when i got married! my parents were still living there though. when my hubby and i decided to move from our first house, we were thinking of the point blocks in pandan but in the end we opt for our current place. now looking at your huge windows, i kinda thought why didn't i just go with pandan point blocks ah! i know which block you are! and i happen to have a friend staying in the same block with the same facing too! i think he's on the 22nd floor? btw, great job with your newly revamped abode! you do have good taste wor.
  6. Hi Kelvin, I'm using blum soft closing systems and tandembox. Pull out drawers for the bottom cabinets, then the Aventos system plus normal casement open doors on the top, all from blum. For the pull out drawers, there's different runners for different weight, so plan what you are going to put in the drawers and buy accordingly. My contractor didn't hear me telling them to get the heaviest ones, and now those drawers that have heavy plates and stuff in them cannot close properly. the rest of the drawers work fine though. as for the casement door soft closing. cannot make it leh... half of the doors cannot close properly.... contractor told me he will check for me, but i didn't hear from him after i've paid up the reno $$. oh. can buy direct from blum la. but you must know what to buy. and please make sure that the carpenters know how to fix blum. the runners and soft closing hinges might be easy. but the aventos and servo, you need someone more experienced. contractor bought the wrong levers for the aventos and my flip up door just flew open when i touched it. it's suppose to open and hold at any position you want them to. but that got rectified in the end la.
  7. Just the soft closing system? You have to inform your contractor that you want to get the soft closing system. Whether you buy or they buy is depends on who can get the better price already. Let them know upfront that this is your requirement so that they can cater whatever they need to cater before they start to make your kitchen cabinets. You just have to make sure that what you buy are correct. Because my contractor told me cannot exchange if it's wrong, but he's the one who bought the items la. For those he bought wrongly, he just have to exchange for free because not my fault ma. but i won't know what's your case if you are the one who bought the wrong stuff. you want soft closing for drawers or casement doors?
  8. You are getting those hand shower? or those ceiling shower ah? Because you wrote hand shower in your first post.
  9. I'm not using instant heater but storage tank instead. And i have one tank just solely for use in my MBR. Even so, the hansgrohe rain dance is really gentle already lor. but anyway, i found a reply from previous thread which hopefully will be helpful to you: i think it depends on the shower system and your heater. For hansgrohe raindance, the water pressure should be at least 2 bar and water flow should be at least 9L/min to achieve the minimum shower experience. So you need to check your rainshower spec (bigger the dish, bigger the water flow and pressure) and instant heater water heater flowrate. (City gas Rinai instant gas heater is 8L/min, so maybe you cant really dance in the rain )
  10. i didn't get to go Expat Auctions. but i did managed to get 2 pcs from David's Antique at Rangoon Road.
  11. i have a friend who managed to get a job when she was pregnant. the company wasn't perturbed by the fact that she was pregnant at all, which i think was nice.. although sad to say, she lost her baby already.... but most companies wouldn't think of hiring if you are pregnant.. they can't be training your for a couple of months and you have to take maternity leave for another couple of months, it's not cost efficient in business perspective.
  12. they have both types, for front load and top load. previously in my old place, i bought the top load ones, now i buying the front load ones. no issues at all. considering i only do washing once a week.. tonight i go back and smell properly... maybe my nose not working well.. wahahaha.. cos i never detect any sweat smell in those clothes i washed.. or maybe my hubby's sweat smell nice? wahahah...
  13. I had that in my previous place. The drainage is just below my suspended vanity cabinet. For 8 years, we don't have any problem at all. And my bathroom is just like yours, vanity cabinet in between shower screen and the toilet bowl. And as per hihihi, it's not easy to choke a drain.
  14. no issues for me wor. my hubby will leave his sweaty after-golf clothes out for a few days before we washed and it still smells great after washing. Sometimes his clothes kena both rain and sweat and we left it out in the open for a few days too.. disgusting hor? hahahah.... but when it's not time for washing, it's not time lor, so we just leave it like that. yeah, try different ways and see what's best for you. actually i used dynamo years ago, but realised the smell afterwards quite weird so we stuck to TOP since then.