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  1. I'm impressed at how you kept to the theme for the whole house! No cutting corners!
  2. We got this as a present but never used it. Brand new in box, the first time we opened the box was when we took photo's. For sale at SGD 200, negotiable. . Please call/text me at 9 two 3 nine 0 three 6 seven if you are interested.
  3. Changed the style of the master bedroom and the rugs no longer suits. Less than 1 year old, the lines will come off if laid flat for a while (It's been rolled up to save space) $50 each - there are 2 pieces.
  4. Hang in there! I know exactly the nightmare you are facing with horrible contractors. 2 years on and we're just about almost finishing the place doing most of the bits ourselves. We fired them with about 25% of the place unfinished. We have had to call in independent contractors to repair almost everything they did! Most frightening was the electricals cause when we tore down the horrible TV console they built in the master bedroom, we found that their electrician used masking tape to join wires!! At least we're now almost finished!
  5. HI June, really well thought out home you have!
  6. Hey that looks really nice! And it cleaned up very well! Should ask hubby to clean up the one in his office as well!
  7. HI Bleucheeze, can you also tell me where you got the wire mesh?
  8. looking forward to see the artemide light installed!
  9. 3 pcs Lack wall shelf in white - $10 each (original price from Ikea is $29.90) Length: 110 cm Depth: 26 cm Thickness: 5 cm Lack wall shelf 3 pcs in white, 3 pcs in black - $ 3(original price from Ikea is $9.90) Length: 30 cm Depth: 26 cm Height: 5 cm Am willing to do a deal if you take all.
  10. Hiya, has anyone come across an auto mah jong table in taobao?
  11. Hi, think that depends on the shop owner. Have bought loads of stuff with no issues
  12. hi, can these be installed in sliding doors?
  13. Me too.... hard to buy using the translated site cause not everything is properly translated!