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  1. Thank you all for the compliments! The hanging lights (2 in the living hall/dining; 1 in the MBR) are ordered from a shop along Jln Besar in the direction of town. Can't remember the details (street names etc) as my husband and I were so excited we began the sourcing process when the land was still barren (back in 2007!). The hanging light in my son's room (silver/grey colour) is from Lighting Ctr (Balestier Plaza). I find their prices consistent and the services beyond reproach. Jimmy is the gentleman to look for. He was very willingly to switch my earlier orders ($20k plus) for other products when he knew the finalised design of my home has changed. Every other lights in the house were supplied by them. The whole reno process took alittle less than 3 months. We gave the ID (which has a license to do contractor work) ample time to produce the required specs as we were not in a hurry to shift. ID fees + costs of the construction work is just shy of 130k. Non-fixtures are separate costings, so are the electrical appliances and lightings etc. We considered ourselves very blessed to meet very helpful/resourceful and honest people that made everything a reality. Feel free to contact me should you wish to have a look; my husband and I love guests and it'd be our pleasure to give you (and your spouse) a tour of our place. Cheers!
  2. Thank you. The doors are custom-made by the ID. You may find them here:- https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Cottage-Crafts-Pte-Ltd/447478648658664 It's best to look for an ID which is an licensed contractor like the Cottage Crafts. Alot of new home owners fell prey to IDs which over-promise but under-deliver becos these IDs are not involved in the work of the construction.
  3. Good taste! Easy maintance (cleaning) too!
  4. There is supposed to be the bed valance which hasn't arrive yet. Will be changing the bed sheet next week maybe will upload to share how the colour and patterns of bed-fittings will drastically alter the mood of the room. The softest cotton in my opinion for bed-fittings are from Cavelli.
  5. The mixer in the bathrooms were unchanged from the original that were given. They say will spoilt easily so wait til then then changed...
  6. Took those pictures of the MBR in haste this morning, so it was definitely not in showroom condition!
  7. Black isn't maintance free as we found out.