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  1. Heard the recent Davos meeting? Protest, demo not restrict to poor. My relative in army also said: "Army staff sergeant voice loud so what?! Still succumb to the meek officers above". Noticed a lot of your statements are one sided view, goes with the common saying: "One bamboo sweep all off the boat".
  2. Not that cheap but as compared to now, of course.
  3. I heard there's one lady TCM somehere in serangoon. Always long queue, worth to check out.
  4. Eat cereal every morning will do the slimming trick.
  5. By the way, how do you invite god of wealth? Heard my fs master said dates are important, if it's not a good day, then can open another day right?
  6. few years back, my friend engaged a lion dance for his company for $788.
  7. I know of a sales manager of ABC insurance company who open almost every gate.
  8. So far never seen any like this in shops. you might as well get one from some fountain shops. Is there any particular reason to want this? it matches well with classic designs or garden balcony.
  9. These fountains look nice. Especially the last one. Wherever you get these pics, you can buy from there, am I right?
  10. I think safest is listen to the elders in the family. They got 1001 reasons why important. Be safe than sorry.
  11. Quite true, I know of some people who got fired without even a scolding.
  12. I always have the phobia that it will drop one day when the nail loosen. This already happened with my toilet towel rack.
  13. My bed mattress below also 2 piece when I searched my bed recently, my fsm also didn't say anything, anyway I also didn't ask. Any reason given by your fsm?