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  1. I got some of my hse stuff from JB cos my mrs is msian. We got bedroom set from Tmn Gaya. Lian Huat I think? 5.5k rm. Slumberland queen bed, bedframe, dressing table, 2 small side table. wardrobe. Lights from tampoi.. spent ard 2.4krm on lightings and fan plus kitchen sink and bathroom accessories at the shop opp. The accessories i dun really recommend cos cant bargain down the price. Tampoi lighting still ok. Sofa and hall furnishing i advise to get from SG cos the price i compared is abt the same. Lights alone recommend buy glass ones. plastics will turn yellow. got rd 32w lights at 66rm each. VS5 Alpha fans 475rm inclusive lights n bulbs. Sink 1m long, 325rm. 2 sprout tap head, CHEAP BRm accessories is package think 168rm 7pcs.
  2. Im currently using them too. the tilting works will be completed today. progress is good so far. cabinets for kitchen coming next wk. Today WC and basin will be mounted.
  3. yoyoyo... Nice house... Mine juz started to hack. Only doing the kitchen and 2 toilets. Got alot of DIYs stuff. invite you to come over when hsewarming in Dec (I hope)
  4. jb trip only found the small matchbox but selling at 58rm. the fellow who served me told me they used to sell remote with switches but seem to have alot of problems so they stopped selling. think will go for the small matchbox thingy. anyway hooted 1 alpha ceiling fan VS5 with remote and 3 lights kit. RM475. Got those 32w rd lights at 66rm each and E27 decorated light holders at 29rm each. All inclusive of philips tube and tornado bulbs. light switch cfm sgp is cheaper than inside. was recommended R&J brand. similar to Mallia legrand but due to no stock i din buy cos wasnt too sure on the price too. Was a fruitful day. bought SS kitchen sink as well as taps and bathrm accessories.
  5. Found the item. 1 gang IR switch is 27 bux. but make quality is from China so not that ideal. There is a small Matchbox that controls light only is 25bux. but the catch is if it goes kapu... u are stuck with no lights. no bypass to switch on the light. This is the difference btw the 2 items. Later going to JB to recce for other possible options. Will update.
  6. FYI, IR remote can use AA batt. RF must use 12V A23 small type which defeats the purpose of having readily avaliable batt. Ok good. I will go Bendemeer take a look. Bendemeer mall as in Blk 34 surroundings?
  7. Can you enlighten me where did you come across these brands? I agree JDO could be the most Ex. Im more keen on IR not RF as the batteries used play a part too.
  8. Bro Breadman. I state what i noe. See the philips website on their CFL compact fluorescent tornado lights, they state their 12W can give the same brightness as XXw. 1. Distribution on the light depends on the angle and reflector if any. 2. 12w x 60 = 72w/h = 0.072kw/h ..........1kw/h is 24cents currently? 3. Ceiling light i confirm u those burger lights not bright. 3 or 5 lamp type brighter. fyi, normal round tube FL for hall usually pple use 40W. if u can use 3 x 12W using lighting kit on the fans, which wat I tot of doing, is only 36w. Save abit.
  9. Yeah I agree. Is even cheaper than the usual price Aron quoted... Think this fair ends tml. Pls hurry if u r interested.
  10. Ya that's wat i think so too. My flat to be is 11yrs old. My contractor told me if there isnt any leakage at the unit below then just overlay. cos hack and re-waterproofing it may even give u more leakage in the future. Make me scare sia. How true is that?
  11. Anyone knows if there is any shop in sg or Msia selling ceiling light with remote? Using remote to control the light to on or off. Thanks.
  12. I have a simple Qn. Bathroom to hack OR to overlay? I have brought some contractors to my flat to be and some told me overlay the tiles but some tell me to hack and re-do the waterproof. How to determine should i hack or overlay? Thanks.