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  1. Not sure if this helps other forummers but I was sourcing for a contractor who does carpentry work himself to help me save costs since I know a thing or two about ID.... and of pure luck he knows a painter from blangah who help paint my house for under 1k! SO blessed to sometimes source contacts from here!
  2. Fully furnished with 2 super single beds/wardrobe/table WIFI and AIRCON included in rent Quiet environment - high floor, lots of privacy 2mins walk to supermarket - NTUC and 24hrs coffeeshops. 3 to choose from! 10mins walk or shuttle service to IKEA,GIANT and COURTS Available immediately. $680/month NO fixed tenure, no agent fees. call 90024113.
  3. Immediate occupancy in mid August 2013. Short or Long Term Available. No Owner in house. HDB approved. No Agent fees required, deal direct with owner. Interested please call 90024113.
  4. If anyone needs recommendation, I just did up my pasir ris flat not long ago and I have list of reno contractors contacts. I was the project manager and ID, haha not by profession but I feel IDs are money suckers and design and space planning is relatively easy. Honestly though, coordination is a hassle. So if you need a project manager, maybe I can help. PM me or you may email me at lynd3ralla@yahoo.com
  5. Hi can PM me the contact of your painter? Thanks.

  6. hi there, can u kindly send me contact of the burmese painter? thanks

  7. hi can I have the contact of the Burmese painter that u recommended in REnotalk? Thanks. Anne

  8. Haha,everyone buys that aircon. Been using for 3 weeks.
  9. Totally dig your balcony area at the MBR. It is unique. Can do chill out corner..lol If you are looking for contractors and not ID, maybe I can help. As I did my recent place with separate contractors. Feel free to ask for advise. you need alot of them. or you can email me at lynd3ralla@yahoo.com
  10. Totally agree. Thats why i decided to do my own house and find separate contractors. It was tiring. However, very time consuming. I just read your T-blog. Really good choice of laminates! I wonder y I did not see any of those in my laminate brands. In the end, my house all types of laminates in the brown tones. If anyone needs my contractor contacts, jus email me at lynd3ralla@yahoo.com
  11. Hi all I just done up my pasir ris flat. and must say his workmanship is not bad. I duno how to post pics here, but if you want to see them and contact him. Please email me at lynd3ralla@yahoo.com But please note that carpenters have their own 'design'...this fella belong to the traditional era, so if you want complicated designs. he is definitely not the guy you looking for. But workmanship wise, i give him 8/10.
  12. Wow contractor ran away...goodness..im sick and tired of such irresponsible buggars..I also recently did my house..n met a few sour fellas. Wad is worse is after I moveed in, I realised my water pipes all choked with cement debris. That idiot who threw cement waste into my water drain is **** crap! Now my water cant flow properly...its crap I tell u. Now I have to dismantle my carpentry to get to the hidden pipes. There are really alot of worse stories den you can imagine. However stick to your guns and play smart..be nice to them...and tell them balance payment can only after 15days after you move in. Where can you run honestly, the contractor knows where you stay right? After you move-in..u will realise...some things do fall apart...and because u make full payment...these buggars dun bother coming back. And you had to pay extra to get other sources to come n help you. Thats wad happened to me. And so hold your payment of 45k to him..if he does come back.
  13. great great selection of tiles. So pleasant and tempting to cook in your kitchen. Superb view...looks like a non-singapore view.. Love your house..and your cute lil girl..!!
  14. wao..very fast work.. and nice choice of colour tiles. cant wait to see more!
  15. west plaza has this malay stall..they have a 'bapok' serving you. lol..but their queue is always long. and good nice spicy belachan. Very nice beef rendang too. Must try. Beside their stall also sells goreng pisang and stuffs...very fresh. Also worth to try if you are there. I think it is the Kopitiam food court.