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  1. How many days have you installed this already?
  2. Choosing the right color for your lamionatre flooring is important too. This article might help: http://www.laminate-flooring.com.sg/news/what-is-the-best-color-for-bedroom-laminate-flooring.html
  3. I think you can try find those painting company. Most do such jobs. Just google it.
  4. Just a warning, you need to be careful and not to choose those freelance part time maid espcially those without work permit.
  5. This article on choosing the right roller blinds supplier might help: http://www.rollerblinds.com.sg/articles/tips-when-choosing-best-roller-blinds-company.html
  6. He only do wallpaper? What about installing curtain?
  7. This article on choosing the right interior design for your style might help: http://www.interiordesigns.com.sg/blog/how-to-choose-an-interior-design-that-fit-your-style.html
  8. I think this article on wood flooring installation might help: http://www.floorings.com.sg/news/6-myths-on-wood-flooring-installation.html
  9. I think this article on ceiling fan might help you: http://www.ceilingfans.com.sg/news/can-we-install-ceiling-fan-on-false-ceiling.html
  10. Ceiling fan can be mounted on false ceiling but must insert a metal road from false ceiling to concrete ceiling in order to secure stability or else there might be noise coming from the fan. Source: Singapore Ceiling Fan
  11. Think you can try E Home Services: http://www.aircon-servicing.com/rates.html Service is good but always booked. Air-Con Technicians all experience Malaysian and local.
  12. Hi there, I am currently looking for a carpenter to do some storages for my place. Mind sharing ur contact please?

  13. hi chanel26.. i would like to install roman blinds in my hse.. can u share a photos of ur roman blinds u have just made? u can email me at ngkahhong_hong@yahoo.com.sg ~~~~ tyvm : )

  14. Its a pity why some people are doing this for a living.