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  1. Does anyone know if Sanctuary Dian is still around ?
  2. Hi bro, your PM is full already.... can you please whatsapp me at 9one88995one? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi, I am new in these but I do not know there is a permit and 3rd part insurance provided by the contractors?
  4. Hello everyone, We are in a hurry to get someone to hack off our existing built in furnitures but the cost to remove are really high quoted by contractors. I wonder why labour cost just to hack and dispose need thousands? Demolition Works Hack off existing feature wall @ living area $350.00 Hack off existing platform @ bedroom 3 $350.00 Dismantle existing display shelvings @ bedroom $100.00 Hack off existing platform bedframes $400.00 Hack off existing sliding door @ master bedroom $400.00 Clearing off debris $500.00 Anyone have any contacts where I can find remover services or handyman for such purposes? Please help. Thank you
  5. Hi, do you have photos? please send it to me at 9one88995one thanks
  6. Hello. Appreciate if anyone can PM me Alvin Aw's contact. I have a reno coming up and need his opinion. Thanks!
  7. Hi chngster, do you mind sharing contact of the installation of the digital lock? I too want to get from eBay as the local sellers are selling so high. Please share with me the installer and also the other who also sell and install. Thanks
  8. hi all, anyone have solution for my problem ? thanks in advance
  9. thanks for the info but this company is from Malaysia anyway their profile seems promising
  10. hi all, I am also facing the same problem and would like to know if anyone have sucessfully resolved it? I accidentally used those $1 brown bottle cleaner on my HDB tiles in my living room. Now it seems those affected area have lost all it's gloss. Really sad about it as my place just renovated only. I have read some USA website that there is some sealant or wax that may help but home fix in Singapore dun have... any kind soul here please help?