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  1. It's a norm that many ID 'recycle' 3D drawings. Hence additional drawings will need more work which most ID would want to try to avoid. Professional ID company will try to accommodate customer request accordingly. Purpose of 3D drawing is to give customer a rough idea of how the completed work will look like, on the ground some changes might happen. Hence take it with a pinch of salt, there isn't a need to to 100% identical. Material, color codes will need to be clearly stated as the Reno progresses. Hope this helps .. JuzChris
  2. Deal directly with contractor is a good alterative. However, you must have have patience and time to manage the Reno project. As it could be very time consuming and tiring dealing directly with contractor. For example, if you don't really know what you need for certain material or which Reno work should follow one after the other, it could lead to frustration and delays. Happy Renovaton!
  3. If you've not done it before or have not watch how the electrican have done it, better not. However, if you're a handyman and like DIY. It is rather simple job. 1. Ensure main supply is off (go to main circuit board & turn off the circuit breaker). Test to ensure there is no electicity e.g. no lights when on or with test pen. 2. Removed the casing and find the LED diver. For downlight, you'll have to remove the whole unit via cache or clips mechnism by the side. 3. Disconnect the wiring to the LED driver and replace with the new unit. There isn't any priority wiring diagrams for LED driver, and no ground wire required. Note: Lightings of different dimension may requires additional drilling, cutting or plastering of the false ceiling. Hope this helps ..thanks Christopher
  4. u could also sign up an account with vpost.com.sg they will provide u will a China address for your order, u then pay the shipment bk to SG. Cheers!
  5. Check out DIY shops or Qoo10, they sells it
  6. You're free to have guests in your HDB flat, if you're the owner. Else check with owner Also, ensure they've proper entry permit for their duration of stay. It's homeowner's responsibility overstayers and illegal immigrants may pose security problems to your family and neighbourhood.
  7. The the of the color changes depending on the light source and viewing angle. It's the effect of reflection and refraction of light from the painted object's surface. Yes, nippon paint is current having a promo with 300 bucks of thier usual price. I like their paint because of it's range of colors, it's durable and easy to applied on
  8. Actually there are many shades of orange.. it goes well with light or misty lilac, ash or classic grey, white and beige
  9. I would suggest to ask to see the completed work of the ID. From there u could judge the workmanship of the ID/ contractor. Gather a few more quotes, ask for itemized billing, for comparsion alwiz helps
  10. Hi, Welcome to RenoTalk! w.r.t your enquiry there isn't a standard steps how u could gather your reno quote. Most IDs will be able to give you an estimate base on your floorplan and design requirements. While as the proposed design layouts IDs will only show it to u upon meet up. You then choose the design layout that best meet your needs, and only upon a deposit payment will then get a copy of it. Remember to ask if there are any other unmentioned or hidden costs before signing on the contract. Don't rush into it get a few quotes and sleep on it for a day or two before signing. Hope this helps .. thanks JuzChris
  11. Sounds fine, but you probably can bargin in down the totla cost a little more.
  12. It largely depends on your budget, likings and the condition of the marble. If it meets your living design needs, juz call in the pro for marble polishing or restoration
  13. Well.. if you do not need advice on area design layout/ concept (wall features, downlight, area re-layout & etc) & project mgmt, you did be better of getting a reliable contractor to do the work.
  14. Firstly welcome to renotalk n I hope u will find the advice & stuffs u nid Personally, I think it really boils down to how much time, effort n $$$ u want to spent on the project. No project is a easy task, it really depends on your expectations. Dissapointment arises when your expectations are not met or falls below reality. While ID provides u wif the services (Design, 3D drawings, project coordinations & etc), it comes at a cost. Some contractors do just as well with some supervision, while many nid much more time & effort in managing the project. I would advice u to look ard for both n decide for you own on wat suit u n your spouse best. Hv fun on your journey of renovating your very own home sweet home JuzChris
  15. Compare the items in the quotations, ask for breakdown if needed. Note not all low quotes appears what it is, more importantly u will need to like the design proposed to u, the overall pricing (no additional hidden costs) and visit IDs finished flats for the workmanship assessment. Typically 1yr warranty is included in the reno package signed. Hope this helps ..thanks JuzChris