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  1. Hi RB, Took me a few hours reading your t-blog and very well written. Like your 3D and wish you a great reno journey and hope to see more of your reno photos. 35k-40k for an EM reno is a very good deal as for mine....100k++ (total overhaul including furniture & fittings) .
  2. ymjp - Thx for your PM. Will check it out, but 2 months waiting is too long for us. Maybe to look for other design. January - I used to stay near Thomson road and it can get very noisy when modify cars drove by. Hope my past experience will prepare me for the noise generated from PIE at night. As I have never stay in a high floor just next to noisy road.
  3. It's better we bring ID to the shops that we like. But we must also do our homework by looking around at differnt shops for the furnitures and lightings before deciding on them. Plus we must work within our budget too. Correct me if I am wrong, most ID or contractors get commission when they bring clients to their suppliers.
  4. I guess you will have to do your homework by checking out the various furniture & lighting items that you like. If possible, take picutres of these items and show it to your ID. As ID will advise you whether these items will blend into your overall design. Personally I bring my ID when buying my furniture & lighting items. Of cos it ourcall on the shops that we want to buy from. Hope the above help & wish you a great renovation journey.
  5. By the way my unit is just beside the PIE. Plus MBR is facing PIE, we hope that with all windows closed it will not be too noisy. Very nicely done. My wife is considering without railing too but due to our 2 kids, this idea was drop. Like your dining light, my ID proposed the same dining light as yours in our 3D drawing. Where did you bought the light from?
  6. It was a chinese owner plus at the top floor. It was rented out and the condition were every bad, but we like the locate and the overall surrounding. Will start my blog once I move into my new home.
  7. Like your 3D designs. You have the same layout as my new place (26yr old EM) under renovation now and we hope to move in by Jan 2011. Yours are in better condition than mine. Hope to see more pic of your completed home.
  8. Hi Sis & Bro, I am considering buy my home lightings from either of these shops, please advise if any of you have bought any lights from them. Thanks for your input.
  9. I bought my "Ixiss" rain shower sets from GR Link and it cost less than $300, however I have yet to use them as my place is under renovation. If you like the chrome look then you may want to check it out.
  10. Hi Hotstuff, Thanks for your advise, please PM your factory contact and I will check it out.
  11. Hi Hon, Thanks for your advise. I think I will decide to go with Joven and may also check-out on LA.
  12. I did consider Joven (as I read many good feedbacks about it), however my wife prefer the square looking tanks tank whihc Joven don't have. By the way I also came across a brand call "Perla" dunno whether on the same standard as Joven or 707 or Ariston.
  13. Hi, Please advise which one is better as I am undecide on which to get for my home. The heater will only be supplying to both my 2nd floor bathrooms. Look forward to all your advise. Thanks
  14. Hi All, Any one bought furniture from Comfort design/furniture before? As their furnitures are nice and thinking of buying fom them. Thanks for all your comments.
  15. If you are considering using ID, then you may want to also consider letting your ID do all the work with their contractors.