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  1. Hi all, I'm looking to re-paint my HDB 5-rm flat, including ceiling, doors, and pipes. Does anyone know where I can find painters who can do the job cheap and reasonably alright? Don't need them to be fast. 3 colours maximum. Anyone?
  2. Thanks so much surfcast! Called this morning and got the endorsement super fast! Thanks!
  3. Hey folks, do you guys have any contacts for a PE? I rather urgently require one. The condo management has decided to throw a wrench into my reno plans by insisting that I get approval to hack some walls. They aren't even load-bearing. Kindly PM me. Thanks.
  4. Do you guys have any contacts for a PE? I rather urgently require one. Kindly PM me.
  5. i'd met them for a meeting and they never got back to me with a single thing. The last thing I got from them was "Thanks for giving us an opportunity to work on your apartment. We have understand your requirements and hopefully can meet up with you again to let us present to you what we suggest. Give us about a week time to have more ideas and I shall contact you next week." It's been 1.5 months. I'm quite disappointed, needless to say.
  6. Nope. And contractors I've asked say it's too expensive and not worth it.
  7. Hello Daphne, A nice American family is renting it now and their lease will end around end April, but with an option to extend. If you'd still be interested by then, drop me a note. Currently, it's 3.2k but I'll be upping it soon because I bought a load of furniture for the place so now it's fully furnished. Thanks for your interest!
  8. Sorry, only for short term rental. Sorry, not comfy for using it for filming.
  9. Here's more information: The neighbours are nice and the condo has a really nice vibe. Try taking a nice evening stroll around--you'll be charmed like how I was. Full condo facilities including gorgeous landscaped pools, well equipped gym, covered carpark, amongst more. Within walking distance to NUS, West Coast Plaza, West Coast Park, Clementi Woods, food centres, grocery stores, bus stops, 24hr eateries, etc Currently unfurnished, but will furnish on request. NO AGENT FEES! (and while we're at it, no agents, please.)
  10. Wow. I feel so ripped off. Just got a quotation from a contractor who is charging me a **** lot more than my friends who used the same guy. The difference is theirs is HDB and mine is a condo. I hate this feeling.
  11. Thanks so much guys. One of the contractors I have seen has said that there are shallow fridges available on the market but are difficult to find. Typically, they are shallow but are much broader than usual, so capacity isn't compromised.
  12. Just wondering, what is the pricing for condo units?
  13. Can anyone help me with looking for a shallow depth fridge? It has to be less than 2 feet so that it will be flush with with kitchen cabinets. I made a trip to Courts and Gain City and while I was able to find a fridge measuring 571mm in depth, it is also rather small. (God forbid that I would have to buy 2 of those.) Thanks so much.
  14. WHOA, that's an awesome idea for a wiw! It looks like a boutique within an apartment. Nice.