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  1. gimz63251073, I decided to make a trip down today after I called the shop. Told me its $158 (including installation & dismantle) but when I went down, the talkative uncle told me its $158 + $30 (pan collar) + $10 (don't know what is it for) = $198 but it is not the one you posted, its like a hdb kinda of toilet. For the one you posted, its $228! When did your parents bought the toilet? Increase so fast?
  2. Hi gimz63251073, what is the shop name you got the Matrix WC? Its very good price! Do you know any diff from Baron basic WC? I checked out Velin WC, basic one cost $150 (if buy two), Baron basic one from Royal Fanco is selling for $155. Installation one for Baron is $80.
  3. OK thanks Mace!! Your favourite shop right?
  4. Hi yoongf, thanks for the advice! So I can get Tile Adhesive at any hardware store?
  5. Hi Bro Mace, want to ask you hor, my MBR toilet heater is not up yet, we have the heater & the box(If you know what I meant) but no wire to link up both together. Can we do it ourselves or must get an electrician to do it?
  6. I also want to ask the following: My toilet tiles gaps are getting deeper, I tried filling up with the putty filler but that doesn't last long. After it had dry & when I wash my toilet florrs it came off again! Now there is still parts of gaps in between the tiles. Help!
  7. Borax is easily available at major mama shops? My water flask is cool water so also don't know why...
  8. I bought the ants powder, it worked for a few mths but didn't work now. i still find ants in my water flask & there is nothing sweet on my kitchen table at all. Can't seem to find the source at all!! HELP!
  9. Hi ladyluck, and motor insurance! Very expensive!!
  10. Wow... diva thats cheap!! But I just renewed my Singnet broadband!! Is there a max downloadable space? And is it unlimited?
  11. Wau.. Mace gor-gor... y don't like Camry... Sooo sad... My huuby drive one... But he is no UNCLE! Hahaha,,,
  12. Yah I thot it was very interesting! But I don't think they show where he got it from....
  13. Hi Jule, can Pm me her nick in which forum?? Me Kaypoh... Candyprincess, for dempsey, I think I wrote in the other thread that I went there to take photos on my AD at the place where they have a man made waterfall & BIG tree... The staff refuse to let us take photos and claimed that we need to apply permit & pay to take photos??!! Ridiculous!! Even the tree outside they also refuse to let us take? What the heck?? Zirhk, your first post very good wor!!! I was like !!