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  1. i have hired The Helping Hands. 9117 4797 - Richard. cant comment on personal experience as i have not moved. but got them after recommendations from here and comparing 4 other qoutes. shalom is quite expensive. as for Soon Seng, he qouted me $500 which i thought was pretty pricey too. Helping Hands qouted me $280 for 1 king size bed, 1 microwave, 4 office chairs, 1 sofa bed, 2 storeroom racks, 1 display cabinet, 2 side tables, 1 baby cot and 60 boxes. the 1st 20 boxes is FOC. the remaining 40 boxes is charged at $1.50 per box. but i only need to pay how much i use. so if i only use 30 boxes, i just need to pay for 30. this is for per trip based on 14 feet lorry which the guy say most probably enough for my items. extra trip for half load will be at $140. ferry services at $70. ( if they need to walk more than 5m from lorry to my condo)
  2. oh ya correct ..sorry my bad. they recommend me accoya wood too. anyone use this wood before?
  3. i am also racking my brains for this. need to cover up my planter area for balcony. natural wood like changal wood is commonly used. but i read from this forum that this wood causes problems years down the road (warp etc) because nowadays, suppliers only use young changal wood. matured ones are very hard to find. and due to deforestation issues and eco issues, natural wood costs gone up a lot. Composite wood on the other hand, (70% wood, 30% plastic) is a slightly cheaper alternative. Of cuz doesnt look natural as ironwood or changal wood. but it does not have problems like termites or the need to stain the wood years later on. but i read from internet that composite wood causes mould in our humid country so cleaning the wood porperly is impt. anyone can help? anyone using iron wood / changal wood or composite wood can share expereinces so far? i call up evorich, and they actually recommend merabau wood.
  4. Hi I am interested, can qoute me price and details? linda.meifang@gmail.com
  5. Hi everyone, this thread is quite back dated,but just want to share my views. i chanced upon renotalk while doing my renovation early this year.thanks to this forum, my reno went on fine. i got married in august this year and slowly drifted from this website. but thru this website, i know of people like cokelight. though we never met before, but i always read abt ur reno tips and posts and just want to congraulate you here! today, felt like revisiting this website and chanced upon this subject. i am also having this problem of have or not to have. i guess, its not that every married couple need to have a baby, to complete the family. but due to sterotypes, traditions and society pressure, couples end up having a baby to complete the family. but yet, i have seen young parents who got pregnant, and as a result gave up lifestyle for the child and its all just worth it. their faces show all. to me, i guess its always a matter of readiness. there's always some sacrifices to be made. but end of the day, every parent always says that its worth every bit. for now, i am coming 27. married for half a year. still want to enjoy for another year or so, build up finances, then plan for one.
  6. hi, can i know how much u pay for ur cornell mircowave and where u got it? I'm thinking of getting one too. can use it for baking and mirowave rite.
  7. Hi, Harvey Norman have,but i kind of forgot if its leather strands or wool-like. I know Ikea have one that is leather-like strands, black and light grey.
  8. i saw those shops in IMM too, but didnt go in and see. i wanted to do a full height mirror for my wall infront of the dining table but decided againist it cause its ard 1k and i quite scared of mirrors...hahhaa! as in at night scared to see my own reflection (cause not very pretty...!) oh yar, i did a glass door for my kitchen entrance ($800), inside my contractor package. the MBR wardrobe is also glass sliding kind. one thing is you got to be quite sure on wat u want to do before looking for him cause he doesnt really give much ideas. during the early days, we found it hard to commuciate with him and ended up very stressful cause we have no ideas, so basically depend on friends, family and Renotalk! hehee but after some time, we got on fine...the telepathy is greater haha.. my homo titles are 2.80 psf, but when he brought us to choose, we chose the 3.50 kind and he say its ok. the ceremic is ard 2.50 psf...i think so... forgot already. tough choice to choose cause the range is tooo much... lagi worse than shoe shopping...
  9. hehe... ok lor.... he got ard 2 books of sample laminates for me to choose and ard 9-10 colours of solid surface top for kitchen top to choose. i did see white laminates for kitchen cabinets. tough man...haha...we just finish choosing over the last weekend... when i told my contractor it was so hard to choose the colours, he say at least me and hubby still together... some pple choose until quarrel and breakup. we just decided to change doors too. the 3 bedroom and 2 toilet doors. hubby going to yontat to see now. anyone know of any good door contractor?
  10. Harlow Greycat!! heehee, me is Ah-Der...now in office typing this to u.... see dat u are tinking abt the rain shower issue so i decided to drop a comment or two. for me, i wanted to get rain shower too cause machiam hotel bathroom. when i went to buy, the lady and my contractor say get rain shower must also buy storage heater. instant heater wont have the power for the water. then the qns came: how much $$$?? my contractor qouted me ard 1k (include: storage heater, rain shower, mixer, hot and cold water piping, installation and plumbing works) not expensive, but since a instant heater only cost $100+, we chose instant heater. also, storage heater takes up a lot of electricity consumption. and need extra cost cause got plumbing works invloved to run the hot and cold pipes. the main thing that i decided against it was cause the water power may not be strong. cause we are staying in HDB, the lower the level, the lesser the water power. for those folks on the top level are at advanatge due to the water tank just above them. I am staying at 9th floor, but my blk has 30 levels. so its relatively low. my reno is finishing end of april...u can come my hse see see look look. my contractor is charging me $19800 for: hacking of floor titles except bathroom laying of homo (hall) laying of parquet (3 bedrooms) laying of ceremic for kitchen remove kitchen sink support (resale flat) kitchen cabinets (cant rem the length..but its long) full height 7 feet wardrobe at MBR shower screen and kerb at MBR toilet vanity top at MBR toilet full ht mirror in front of vanity top full height feature wall (i forgot the size, but its rather big abt one whole wall) painting using Nippon Easywash chemical washing 1 toilet bowl 2 sets of bathroom accessories removal of window grilles (shld be abt it... sorry always forgot to pass u my qoutation, so got to type here) in addition, i spent $3900 on aircons (HongTar, ME Starmex Inverter) my lights are done FOC by FIL (cause no lighting points needed) oops, pasiei..got carried away and type so much... sorry... when i free,i post some photos for u to see here... we are shopping every weekend for furniture and hsehld stuff and the damage is