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  1. Great house! Love your cement screed wall and the textures and also the MBR bathroom! Can't wait to see it all furnished!
  2. Actually we bought a kungfu chair from Tokyo during our last trip in Nov for this purpose. However, I realised that I hardly sit on the chair... more than anything, it's used to put all my barang! We also use the kungfu chair as a dining bench when we have friends over. Very versatile!
  3. I remember seeing it and just told him about it while blog surfing. Nothing dodgy. I just remember things I see.
  4. There is something similar to this in XTRA in Park Mall. Since it's XTRA, i recall it doesnt come cheap. But do take a look at Defelio's blog. There is a picture of this fan in his completed pictures.
  5. Budget? The popular ones are the KDK M11SU and V56VK - I have both and v quiet, and strong wind (v impt for me, cuz I don't like to turn on aircon). If you have more budget can consider the Haiku fan and the Sycamore fan. Both are what I consider "designer" fans. Your unit is in Punggol Arcadia?
  6. Loving your wire mesh doors! I have them for my balcony door! Can't wait to see the complete picture!
  7. Do consider how often you will use it as a bar counter, cuz it will face the wall/anime figures, most people use it as a breakfast space, however, if the bar is too far from the kitchen, it defeats the purpose as well. Anyway, my kitchen has a similar colour scheme to yours as well.
  8. Hey May_dream1, that's a Sycamore fan. The fan actually moves rather slowly, so it would provide circulation, but to really cool the place and provide wind like the usual KDK, not really. Here's a video: Anyway, to the TS, welcome to Clementi! My 'hood too, though I just moved to Bt Batok!
  9. I think also have to consider space. The Rinnai takes up a lot of space compared to the De Dietrich. So if you prefer to have more working space, the De Dietrich may be better. But wally168's point is very impt too. I have the Rinnai inner flame hob as well, but not the ceran glass version (RB-3Si). Very strong flame, but I don't feel the heat at all. Very easy to clean. I highly recommend the inner flame models. Edited to say: Oops, just note that you have made your decision. My curtain supplier is MGL Curtains. Highly recommended! Review is in the curtain thread in Home Furnishings.
  10. I agree that it doesn't look Scandinavian actually. Not enough wood and too much use of black and white (which is more modern rather than Scandi) I don't quite get your living room 2nd idea though - where is the bar supposed to be??
  11. London, Singapore, Sydney time?? Love your clocks, we have something similar in aqua blue from Acctim... also bought online!
  12. Hope this didn't come too late. Our Venetian Blinds are bought from MGL Curtains (Just google for their website). Great service, I highly recommend them. It cost around $600+, which is the lowest quote we got.
  13. Hmm... I am curious why you would want to relocate your storeroom to your kitchen? Because I find the storeroom at an ideal location and relocating the store room will signficantly reduce the space in your kitchen. Also, if you are only redoing your kitchen, relocating your storeroom will have implications on your living/bedroom area as well.
  14. You have a lot of storage space! Where is your hob and basin? Nice brick wall! Btw, revox88 and salormoon80, have your blocks undergone lift upgrading yet? Mine is in the process now, but as we are directly above the lifts, we will be the last to be upgraded. I wonder how they will extend the corridor from the lift to the corridor...
  15. Yes, cement screed will have hairline cracks, that's the nature of cement screed and if this is the look you want, you have to accept that there will be hairline cracks, even if not now, but over time. You can look for tiles which look like cement screed, quite a few options in the market.