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  1. Anyone has contractors to recommend to change this glass? It came with the developer and we've been calling glass contractors but none of them seem to be able to fix it.
  2. hi kelvin, can you pm me the contact of your electrician too? thanks!!
  3. sovietmole


    try e curtains in amk.. it's factory based.. so likely cheaper than the salespeople.. was recommended by channel 8 some time ago.. u may want to check it's website for the tel number.. www.curtainsfactory.com.sg
  4. you can't trust the prices just because that guy's a malaysian.. in fact I know of many malaysians who come to singapore for quality curtains because they keep getting the old designs exported from singapore.. the malaysian contractors usually get everything from sg.. only malaysian thing other than themselves would be their car.. don't trust contractors who advertize as direct factory either.. u must see the factory for urself.. the only shop front these contractors usually have is again their vehicle...
  5. http://www.metacafe.com/watch/1320073/how_...the_home_depot/ remember to turn off the mains before you do this!!!
  6. If they are day curtains, I doubt you will be tying them up, but there isn't any other way to prevent it from flapping around, even the heaviest curtains, unless they are very stiff - it's like a sail, however big and heavy, it traps the air and moves. Not sure how much tassels at joo chiat costs, but if you get them from wholesalers, it should not cost more than $5 for the cheapest ones or $15 for the better ones.