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  1. Hi you got a nice home there. May I know where u get the acrylic sheet? Thought of doing the same too for my gate. Thanks
  2. Can u pm me his contact? He seems to be doing a good job. I love the design. Thanks. Yellow
  3. I used Lego house in 2006. So far so good. 5 years later, everything still feel ok except for one of my kitchen hinges. I think they are still using Malaysian workers. their quote is definitely reasonable and from my experience, I do not see any hidden costs. But that was all 5 years ago. I hope they are still keeping up w the good work. No matter who u choose, please please supervise the workers even if u have to take several leave. call me kiasu but it's worth it when it involve such $$$$. Yellow
  4. Thumb up for lizard traps! It's clean and easy. It works well for me. Once I caught two small lizards in a box. Recently, just caught a big and fat lizard. Also caught other weird insects like moth and fruit flies. All kenna stuck. I think that time I forgot to clear for 3 months, and dead lizard attracted the flies. No wonder cos I been wondering why they disappeared suddenly. I got it from ntuc as well. I chose the one with white plain box packed in green paper cover. It seems more effective and sticky then other branded ones. I never caught anything at all with those.
  5. I package with my curtains for living room and roller blinds for my other three rooms for $1400. Joo Chiat Complex, Monli Curtain. first floor at entrance. Btw, mine is beige in colour for easy maintenance. Price should be lower cos the $$$ goes into my organza designer curtain....very heart pain.... BTW, maintenance to me is very important. so for those out there, do not get heavy curtain.
  6. haha...really interesting....maybe sometimes it depend very much on $$$ = quality Not all apples are the same....6 for $10 and 3 for $10 Think it's always wise to spend more $ upfront on fixed big items then regret later.
  7. Some of my regrets: Not installing air-con and ceiling fan in my living room. Should stick to matt floor tiles. Would have save much time in mopping without a care on water marks! Better still, I would go for broken marble. Old fashioned but no need to worry about dirty groove. Should go towards greener purpose eg. energy saving items like light bulbs instead of fancy lightings, energy saving refrigerator etc. Should do away with white sofa. Starting sure nice, but need maintenance.... Do away with shower screen, so cumbersome to clean. Pretty much that's it. I also want to share some others which I think I did right. Choose white basin instead of glass basin for toilet. No issue with maintenance. Dark matt floor tiles for kitchen. Looks clean everyday. Just love my roller blinds. Little maintenance and durable. 2 yrs and still working well. (of cos, not from Ikea)
  8. Possible as long as it can fit the gap. For me, I prefer to use the scraper. Thin and sharp. Be careful the fingers though.
  9. I worked with bleach, gout cleaner and magic sponge but it doesn't work for me! Guess the only way is to redo the gout. I tried one line across my living room and almost fainted from doing it! Leave it lah!
  10. Hi Flower123 Ha ha...this thread very funnie....but back to the serious part, perhaps you should just talk to him. Being newly wed, you both have lots to learn from each other and in this case preference and sensitivity. Talk and communicate and learn to accept loh.
  11. HA ha ha....reading all these replies sometimes really make me wonder which era we all come from...keke. I had mine and hb underwears hanging above the window. So every time we admire our scenery from the kitchen, we will have our underwear on top of our head. Guess wat, the underwears are literally resting on our heads as we stand there and chat. Just came back from Genting and we won some money. Talk about pantang...haha..
  12. Nay, I still think that it's impt we have our own personal undisclosed savings. Woman mah. no matter wat, still need a sense of security. Dun be too naive on the word LOVE. It aren't everything. Only a portion.
  13. Aiya, i think it's more like pantang and hygiene matter lah. Actually, I can't imagine throwing everything (clothes & undies) into the washing machine. Very er xin leh. For me and hb, we each washed our own undies by hand everyday after shower. He does his and I did mine. As for the rest of the clothes (including bra), I will mix and let the washing machine run twice weekly. Bra to me is more like singlet since it's worn upper part of body. As for the hanging and folding portion, we both dun care who or whose since by then, everything (& undies) is considered CLEAN - although I must admit, I'm doing most of the hanging part.
  14. Wow...new stencil for each bamboo? Really need a lot of patience especially when it comes to complex stencils.... "faint" Thanks, clockwork. At least now I got a bit of idea how to do it..