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  1. Hello MrsYuki, have PM you my email. i wish you well on your current recon build. oh, btw what's the design of your kitchen? What type of material did you select for your backsplash? Did the studio also customize a dining table for you? The oak dining table they made for us seats up to 10 and is also a very good space for the kid's homework time! We saw something similar at DREAM but it was a little short and was meant for 8 people max. Anyway, our dining area is a well designed large open-planned space with a the kitchen design based on the MANY MANY images of Poliform Kitchens which i sent to them as my open-concept dream kitchen! I don't foresee doing another major renovation (hubby will faint!) down the road so i made sure my kitchen and dining/living areas were done up well. The style i highlighted explicitly to them was i want something very modern and very luxurious like in those magazines and i am satisfied! thank you chen+choi. I remember when we first had our initial consultation sessions at their studio, i made it clear that our family spends a lot of time around the dining area and kitchen so we wanted something big and well planned for heavy use by the kids and us. Our kitchen and dining areas are the main focal points of our daily lives now and gets heavy and quite rough usage by the kids but i am happy to say it has worked out very well for us. Remember to explain your daily lifestyle habits to them and they will do their magic. PM me some of the pictures as you go along your reno journey! I also recommend you joining the group buys for high-end furniture/light purchases. good luck!
  2. Nice to see my builders being mentioned here. Sweet and talented folks who take great pride in their daily execution of the designing and build process of our new "Scandinavian-chic" house. We are >1/ 2 way into construction and enjoying every moment of the process. The work delivered so far meets our requirements and expectations. Our dream house is finally coming together. Thanks chen+choi : )
  3. In our own experience, using builders with in-house designers couldn't give us the house we want. We had lived in a corner 3 sty terrace before our present place and we wasted a lot of time and $$$ re-doing things because builder didn't understand the details we were looking for (wooden louver screens, skylights, water feature in courtyard etc). i guess can't blame the builders and blame myself for my inexperience that time, because i didn't know that time that their in house designer was not up to standard. Basically, the finish product did not look at all like my pictures i sent to them! Going directly to builders seemed cheaper at first, but in reality it wasn't because the quoted price included only very standard cheap "branded" toilets, tiles, standard small aluminium windows. Our wish list was for nice BIG sliding glass panels, nice BIG tiles (designer look) for living and rooms, oak wood floors on 2nd storey and mezzanine loft, nice landscaping, modern italian look kitchen and wardrobes. Basically like those SC Global high-end developments for our interiors, and Sentosa looking houses for our exterior style. We even managed to put in elevator included in our budget (japanese made, very important must be from japan). We finally decided on chen+choi because their design and build quote to us was a lot cheaper compare to the high-end architect firms we spoke to and similarly to some builders prices. I guess because they are professionally trained and that makes the huge difference for the end product to look like those magazine style houses which we dream to have. I hope this helps!
  4. but good news our designer did a good job to buy a good amount of our Artemide lights from the lighting sale yesterday, and bathroom wares too from the Duravit sale. Yay Yay Yay!
  5. thanks dhotshop. We know we are very lucky to have found our present designer/architect firm. God Bless them and fingers crossed it will continue to go well. We actually just had a meeting with them today and we were briefed on new problems, which was well-handled by their architect, PE and the team. No worries so far. People, please make sure your archi/designers are experienced in managing all the new problems that will come as you build your dream house. 3D-model into reality is not that simple especially when we expect a designer house! BUT boy can i tell you, we SUFFERED in the past. lots of tears! We went through real **** in 2005 and 2010 with our first 2 IDs doing our condo and terrace. It turned out SO BAD and we were pretty much taken for a ride by these uneducated low-lifes. One guy basically stopped work on our home and held us ransom because we were not happy with their work.... oh, they then demanded more money to hire more workers to speed things up...! uh-duh....?! like, how is it my problem if they managed the project wrongly and couldn't keep up to speed. Also another time got shouted at by their worker with all the famous Hokkien words and threatened because we were not happy that they kept damaging the new wood floors because they dragged their heavy tools around on it! Can i say my heart really break then?!
  6. our designer/architect recommended us to get the Japanese brand/made one for our current project underway
  7. Hi Grace, beware...! we all went through **** before finding our current ID/architects whom we are very grateful to. Communication i feel is the key to a successful relationship with your ID. In the past, we were left hanging onto unanswered phone calls, with many sleepless nights and even sending lawyer letters didn't changed our desperate situations. We chose the wrong contractors and paid dearly for it. Cheap is never cheap in reality, and it will never be good when the dust settles. We wanted a "designer magazine" home and tried to find cheaper contractors to do the job, thinking that we could manage them smartly. i think there's a saying that has monkeys and peanuts in the same sentence. Choose wisely and remember don't be penny wise pound foolish.
  8. Our Reconstruction project (3,400sqf) is currently completely managed by the design studio and our strict instructions are not > $1.2M (professional fees all in, including all lights and fixtures but no electrical appliances like oven etc). i think it's quite reasonable because we are getting marble bathrooms, good quality wardrobes with italian runners and big panel sliding glass doors. We bargained their quotes down to about 360psf, which is really good, keeping in mind that they're also all trained overseas from top architecture/design places
  9. Hi All, thanks for the sharing. Happy to say that we managed to recreate that nice screed walls through the inspirations from here. For our new house, we will be getting our old contractor/designer to apply it to certain parts of the area. We are all very excited!
  10. yes... interesting, the designer recommended him too for my new house in Yarwood Ave.
  11. Hi Lynn, GREAT TASTE and great reno inspirations. My ID gave us something similar... so i am a fan of yours now too! I do however need to do some new minor work as i have been careless with my floor. Would you please share your contractor's info? My kitchen screed flooring needs re-doing. I just need a contractor who understands screed and my kitchen. Thanks very much
  12. Hi treehousevilla, Thanks for your posts..! Can you kindly pm me your contractor's contact? Thank you. Like ThisQuoteMultiQuote
  13. Could someone kindly PM their wetwork contractor's contact to me, to assist me in my uneven screeding problems for my kitchen floor? Thanks very much forummers...!
  14. Thanks for your feedback Lynnziq. Could someone kindly PM their wetwork contractor's contact to me, to assist me in my uneven screeding problems for my kitchen floor? Thanks very much forummers...!