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  1. hi SGK. thanks for the pointers. the extra partition outside the store room is to hide the machine machine. the other side of the wall would b our fridge. the kitchen in plan looks big but true fact has an akward design for an open kitchen concept. in other words, there is no recess area for laundry area. the other concern is tat w/m is far from the window to hang clothes outside. its ok, we are alright with that. as for the shoe cabinet, its meant for those daily usage kinda shoes. not intended for full shoe storage. we gonna have 2 dedicated shoe cabinet/display in the walk in wardrobe. hehe..
  2. went shopping yesterday for the following items.. now broke already. haha Went to Jalan besar and Balestier. Also went to GR Link and Royal fanco as recommended by some forumers. Personally, I think Poh Joo and Chuan Heng is better as they have wider variety of stuffs. Pricing wise, its up to the buyer to decide and weigh them. If you intend to get alot of items, buying from one shop can give better deals. Ask for discounts! 1. WC for both toilets ($148 each!!) - Poh Joo 2. Master toilet sink - Poh Joo 3. Kitchen sink, single bowl - Poh Joo 4. Glass basin set witht glass faucet - Spazio 5. Rain shower set, 3 way - Chuan Heng 6. Fujioh hob 772SVGL - Chuan Heng 7. Joven 25l storage - Chuan Heng i believe we got a good deal for the above items. now left with kitchen sink tap, master bedroom tall tap. anyone has good deals? We saw taps at SSC and they are much cheaper also.
  3. i would recommend u to get plywood and laminate from those laminate companies. pretty cheap for a big piece. contact them directly and u can get catalogues from them. looks better and lasting with laminates than real solid wood.
  4. Shoe cabinet and dividers. Laminates not finalised yet: Kitchen:
  5. here are some 3D pics. Ceiling design still in progress. We are still choosing the laminates.. haha so many catalogues! Common bathroom: Master bathroom: Settee in living area. Wanna create a bay window effect since the windows are pretty high. Laminates not finalised yet New living area. Glass panels and 2m wide sliding glass door. The floor laminates won't be as dark as in the drawings. We will be taking Supreme Brazilian Teak floor laminates for whole house.
  6. More demolition pictures. Taken at night from my new iPhone 4 with flash. Wall between MBR and common room hacked. We have interesting project for this entrance. Study room hacked, making way for living area. Roman pillars finally gone, walls gonna be restored.
  7. hi tigerlily88, i'm with Kevin. Nice young chap and responsible. He has been good in listening to our crazy design ideas. haha.. stay tuned and u will soon see what we meant.
  8. congrats and all the best! who's ur ID? mine done up by Kevin.
  9. i would suggest to go for plywood postform. cheap and good and wider choices. and its scratch resistance.
  10. hi there bro can share the contact please. thanks!
  11. thanks fifteenmay.. yeah cleaning may be a hassle. but hopefully the overall look and effect can offset it. haha stay tuned for more updates this week.
  12. there is a farm style shop just outside kovan heartland mall that sells fountain. its at the carpark. they are cheaper than those along thomson road.
  13. just a short update.. demolition work more less done.. kitchen and bathroom waterproofing also done.. very quick i must say. will load more pics soon... will have so much glasswork....
  14. hi all, do check out our updates from my t-blog. so far so good. excellent service standard.
  15. hi. how much for joven 25litre horizontal model? supply and delivery only. u can PM me price. thanks
  16. yes i think ur quote is expensive. shower screen usually about 500. and how come ur plumbing and electrical is very high? actually to save cost, electrical no need to redo unless its more than 30 yrs. electrical wires can last very long if used normally in households as our electrical load is not high.
  17. Hi, I'll be having glass panels in my living area and thinking of putting glass film for tinted effect. Anyone has any contacts to share? Thanks
  18. go to gmarket and search for wallpaper. those korean wall decals can be good. i got one for my wall.
  19. Wall and Floor Tiles Yesterday, we went to Hafary at Defu Avenue 1. The showroom is huge!!! I was spoilt for choice. There were so many to choose from that we spent more than 2 hours choosing tiles for our kitchen and the two toilets. Kitchen floor tile 4 We decided to choose very shiny and light kitchen floor tiles because our cabinet's laminate would be high gloss black with wooden grain postform as our worktop. So, the kitchen would be kinda dark and we need a very light kitchen floor to brighten it up. My mum said it would be slippery but I dun really cook much and I will definitely wipe the kitchen floor after I have finished cooking. So no problems there. Common Toilet tiles 1.The light brown tile is for the wall. 2. The black tile with the horizontal lines will be the feature wall in the toilet. 3. The other black tile would be for the floor. As the kitchen would be black and light brown/yellow brown, we decided that the toilet should complement the colours of the kitchen and stick to the modern resort theme. Hence, the texture that we chose is more 'raw' (i.e. less polished) to give the outdoor feel. But i think with all the toilet pipes, it kinda kills the modern resort look as you can see metal here and der... sigh... Master Bedroom Toilet tiles 1. The glossy light brown tile will be the wall tile. 2. The dark brown glossy tile will be for the feature wall. 3. The matte light brown tile will be for the floor. For the master bedroom toilet, we wanted to achieve the hotel look. Great care was taken in choosing the pattern and the colour of the wall tile as some patterns look cheap even though they look similar. So, the patterns that hotels use would normally be more obvious and normally HDB owners will go for the lighter patterns which tends to cheapen the look even though the price of the tiles is the same. To avoid the toilet from looking too HDB-ish, we decided that the pipes for the shower will be from the common toilet and the sink will be at our dry area. I insist that the huge toilet pipes be concealed but mafacifa refuses to do it, saying its a waste of money. So, my effort ( i m his fiancee by the way) to make the toilet look like a hotel will be wasted thanks to him.
  20. hi, can anyone please share the contact for the shower screens?? thanks
  21. wah.. alot of glass panels.. very nice.. makes everything look spacious. care to PM your glass pricing for the enclose room with sliding door? think of doing that to my study area as well...
  22. Ouh yes, we've signed with Ideal House ID. Good service from them so far and listens to our changes and requests. Major works includes : 1. Kitchen revamp. Floor to be hacked and retiled, walls screed cement. Kitchen cabinets. 2. Both bathrooms hacked and retiled. No bathtub. Too high cost and can only get small ones. 3. Laminate flooring whole house 4. Balcony unleveled and retile 5. Study room hacked to create living area. 6. Create dry area for MBR toilet. 7. Hack MBR with common room for WIW area 8. Create partition walls to recreate kitchen wall facing dining area with half wall glass. Create partition for washing area near storeroom. 9. Plastering for whole house. False ceiling in living/dinning and MBR 10. Custom made shoe cabinet divider near main entrance 11. Replace main gate with wrought iron 12. Custom made settee along window area in living area. 13. Lots of glass works - my own sourcing 14. Sliding aluminium framed sliding glass doors for balcony - Anyone to recommend contractor? I also intend to do some landscaping works at the balcony as its pretty huge. can have my mini garden. Thought of massage stones, i finally found them, very very affordable. Also maybe synthetic grass in balcony and water feature. Also thought of craft stone on both the sides of the balcony walls. Any ideas on the above?
  23. long time no update. also long time nobody comment. dunno whether should keep this t-blog up or not. here are some of the house pics again. problem with the previous linking host. Aircon placing layout and some glass reconstruction of the newly created living area. Kitchen walls also to be put back and include glass on half wall.