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  1. hahaha. you pay 45k means over liao. If you don't control the payments, you will always be at the mercy of the contractors.
  2. Hi.

    can you share how the linear recessed ceiling lights look like when not switched on?  N how are they installed?  I like the look of these liner recessed ceiling lights, like those of architonics.  Thanks.


  3. Hi.

    can you share how the linear recessed ceiling lights look like when not switched on?  N how are they installed?  I like the look of these liner recessed ceiling lights, like those of architonics.  Thanks.

  4. kitchen counter tops always best to go for natural stones. Can take hot pots and will not discolor over time.
  5. TS, no one can quote you such numbers. You have to get the person who is doing the carpentry work to also quote you the dismantling and removal of old carpentry. You can get the painter to remove the wallpaper for you also. If you not sure, just ask for ICI Dulux or Nippon Paint who provide direct painting services for homes
  6. hi, you looking for D&B builders?

    1. ilovebuilding


      tried to send you message but failed. maybe your inbox full.

  7. My tiles are always Made in China tiles so far. But for my next house. I'm planning to go for non-homo tiles like marble or granite etc. If you are willing to spend more on tiles, might be worth going for better material ones. If you still think it's better to stick to homo tiles for convenience of cleaning, then i would also suggest get the best quality made in china tiles.
  8. Dear all, I wanted to ask for more feedback on design and build contractors who specialized in landed property. This is not about general contractors. Just in case some people are not sure, here are some notes about D&B contractors - Only contract with 1 company to do the whole package of A&A/recon/rebuild for you from consultation, design, construction etc. - They usually also work with limited number of templates for the house - Cost is cheaper than doing the other route which is having separate contracts with the Architect, general contractor, PE, QS etc - Time from start to finish is also faster - Still does offer some level of customization within the templates. - Biggest cons are limited designs and no truly competitive tender system I have looked through this website and searched online. I so far can find only 2 names. The rest do not have design and build construction for landed housing as their main business hence i didn't mention them. - Meridian Homes - Nic& Wes Builders Appreciate any other names and feedback and experience if possible. Would appreciate if i can get response only from actual home owners and not marketeers of the company so as to keep the discussion authentic. Thx
  9. I learnt that plot ratio doesn't matter for landed housing. Only floor height n overall restriction on number of floors matter. And of course the min setbacks for the front, back n side.
  10. Just get the manual version. For automatic, the sensor can become insensitive after awhile
  11. Dear all, Not sure if you all notice this also. I see many property listings where the plot ratio rule is not adhered to. Granted i'm not sure exactly of the official plot ratios of all the listings on URA website but assuming we use a base ratio of 1.4. Most listings have overshot this number by quite abit in terms of their GFA built up. So is their current house illegally reconstructed/rebuilt? Or am i missing something here? Is the plot ratio a strict rule which BCA will check and follow? Am refering for regular landed housing, not strata titled landed. Thx,
  12. Dear Friends, Need your feedback in terms of what is the average and advisable % of combined income used to service home loan. We are planning our next home purchase of a pte property. We are intending to pay up our existing HDB loan first before buying a pte property and are working out the numbers based on how much monthly cash we should top up to service the home loan. Assuming we have max CPF OA monthly contribution of $1150 x 2 = $2300, and out combined gross salary is about $20k, we are evaluating how much monthly should we top up in cash to service the 30yrs home loan. Our jobs are relatively stable. Thx
  13. hey all, what's the cost for a tear down and rebuild for 7000sqf approximately for total builtup? Total land would be about 5000sqf I was hearing the costs is around $300psf on average. Does that make sense?
  14. Hi all, As above. Brand new in box and unopened. Selling for $100. Just take and go at Telok Blangah Heights. Drop me a msg at 85185319 as i hardly check here. Cheers.
  15. pinkbean, if you see my other posts, you'll realise i mention 1 common but very important point. Payment plans. When all of us home owners manage this better, we wouldn't hear anymore of such problems. Your ID can behave like this to you because your balls are in her hands (Sorry if i'm crude, but this gives u an idea rite?). You have paid out too much, too fast for too little corresponding work to be done. It's like your boss can shout at you to do your work but u can never repeat that to your boss because your boss can fire you anytime but u can't fire the boss. In reno contracts, it's all about who has the power, you or the ID/contractor. I've heard enough stories to come to the conclusion that it's better for the home owner to have more power in this case. When you have not paid for what has not been done, your ID will be nicer to you mostly, do work quickly on time so as to get paid. Simple. I agree that if you have a good contractor/ID, you can pay alil bit in advance. It's fine... sort of to give and take also and respect the client-contractor relationship. The important thing is that the power balance always tilts in your favor. If your ID/contractor- does a bad job? demand a proper job is slow in his work? demand he move faster works fast and keeps u updated constantly? pay him abit more in advance... You can only do the above when the power balance tips in your favor and the power balance can only tip in your favor when you control the payment plans and pay only after work is done. It's not about how reputable the company is, it's not about how good and seemingly honest and innocent looking your ID/contractor is, it's not about how much of a good feeling you have with your ID/contractor. IT's ultimately about the payment plan. It's because ultimately you can always threaten as a last resort to get rid of your ID/contractor and change him provided there's a reasonable breach in contract. Oh yeah, general contractors only pay their sub-contractors after job is done, sometimes on credit somemore! so if they can do it, why can't you demand that from the contractor?