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  1. Hi I am selling on behalf of my friend, a brand new Kenwood Bread Maker BM250 for S$140. Was given to her as a present so there was no receipt. Comes with 1 year warranty and warranty registration can be done online at Kenwood Singapore website. Please contact me at 97651848 to deal. Specs: http://www.kenwoodworld.com/en-sg/all-products/cooking-and-baking/kenwood-breadmaker/bm250-bread-maker-0wbm250001 http://www.courts.com.sg/Products/PID-IP056252(Courts)/Home-Appliances/Kitchen-Appliances/Bread-Maker/KENWOOD-BREAD-MAKER-480W-BM250
  2. Good recommendation. I bought my Viro padlock (made in Italy) from the shop and the price is more competitive than other shops I visited. Goodluck Locksith, 152 Jalan Besar, #02-02, Coyuco Building
  3. Just to let you guys know if you purchase any product from CCM and wish to make an exchange, you will need to do it within 1 month from date of purchase.
  4. I ordered my unit number plate from MRS Sign (Golden Shoe Branch). It cost approx S$60 depending on the material and size. Website: http://www.mrssign.com/about.html
  5. Have you been to yontat? http://www.yontat.com.sg/
  6. I bought my fridge and aircon from Everjoint. If you want to pre-book any electrical applicances say three months before you move in, you have to pay full payment upfront. The prices for the aircon are very competitive but you need to make an advance booking two or three weeks before the installation due to their busy schedule.
  7. I bought it for $1480. The vacuum cleaner is worth $129. See below link for price comparison between Everjoint, Kong Tai and Goh Ah Bee: http://www.renotalk.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=38392&st=80&p=666832entry666832
  8. I bought a Bosch WAS28448ME (Made in Germany) from Kong Tai. Comes with free vacuum cleaner. imho its a good buy and I have no regrets. Its so quiet and efficient compared to the Ariston which I was previously using.
  9. Can someone PM me Uuncle Johnny's number please. Many thanks
  10. I bought 14 Philips downlights (Genie E27 1x14W) from lighting.com.sg for $33 each and had them installed in my living and dining rooms. I was also afraid they would not be bright enough but I was finally convinced after the sales staff did a comparison of both the Philips downlights and the normal PLC 2 x 13w downlights. I was also impressed with the quality of the casing. You will find more information if you do a search for 'Philips downlights' in this forum.
  11. Yes they belong to the same group. They also have a ID company.
  12. My ID will appear at my unit once a week and one of my friends' ID does not turn up at the job site unless to collect payment. The ID would just leave the installation to the respective sub-contractors eg carpenter, glass works, electricity etc. Without proper supervision the sub-contractors usually do a bad job. I would like to find out how often does your contractor/ID turn up at the job site.
  13. its available at most hardware shops in the neighbourhoods. have seen it at toa payoh and ang mo kio central
  14. It depends on the type of material and thread count which you are looking for. Materials like Egyptian cotton and 500 thread counts onwards would cost more. For 'standard set', do you mean 'Fitted sheets' and 'Quilt cover'? For this price range, you may only be able to get either the Fitted sheets or Quilt cover at Aussino. There are occasional sales at Aussino from time to time. I would also suggest you check out the sales at department stores eg Robinsons, Metro etc as you could get very good deals. You can also find good buys at the Expo warehouse sales eg John Little.