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  1. Hi all, Just want to share my experience. I think it's OK to buy from neighbourhood shops rather than those big retailers like Courts, Best Denki etc. But please remember to keep the receipts until the warranty period is over. I bought a LG LED TV in 2010 from Best Denki. The receipt "whitened" after a long period of time. I called LG and they insisted that I provide the receipt in order to prove the warranty. I had no choice but to go back to Best Denki and see if they are able to pull out my record. Thank god, they managed to and I managed to save $$ on the repairs. Please don't get me wrong. I am not saying that you should buy from the big retailers but just sharing my recent experience, which I think if the difference in price is not that substantial, in my case, it was a relief that i had bought from BK as I am not sure if the neighbourhood shops would be able to write me another invoice.
  2. Hi,

    Asking price for sofa set is 2k. Negotiable.

  3. how much u asking for your sofa set?

  4. Hi folks, For those of you whom had signed up with Aron, have you guys encountered any problems with your aircon unit so far? I bought 2 system 1 and 1 system 2 Mitsubishi Inverter with them in Jun 2010and also signed up a one year servicing contract. In June 11, right after the 1 year warranty lapsed, the aircon unit which I used every night, began to experiience water dripping. I called up Aron's company and was told that the unit must be dirty and needs servicing. True enough, after they cleaned my unit, I did not experienc it again. However, today, exactly 3 months after their last cleaning, the unit is experiencing water dripping again!!! Imagin how frustrating it is with the water dripping on the floor and you cannot do anything abt it. Separately, just a month back, the unit I installed in my study room which was sparingly used, could not be switched on. Again, I called Aron company and a technician was sent down. Root cause? The wire inside the cable connecting to the power socket had MELTED!!!! That was the first time I heard something like that especially for a one year old unit. Thus, like to find out if fellow forummers experienced related problems or I am just the suay one.
  5. Just to share. I engaged Imperial Aircon last year and was pleased with their pre-sales and installation services. In fact, even got my parents to use them when they wanted to change their aircon system However I am disappointed with the after sales service which I encountered recently. I had signed the maintenance contract with them for one year 1. Last week, I called and asked if Imperial will called me to arrange for the servicing. The lady said yes and will call me back within the same day to arrange. 2. Imperial did not called and I had to call back the next day and at the same time, informed her that one of the unit is leaking. The lady, whom did not put me on hold, checked with a colleague and said that the servicing will be arranged on 14 June and the leaking is probably due to the unit being dirty thus the servicing will solve the problem 3. Imperial did not turn up for the appointment 4. Called Imperial and the lady passed me to a guy. I was told that my appointment was not arranged at all and he asked if I know the name of the person who took my call. I said I don't and despite informing him that my aircon leaked like a waterfall last night, he insist that the earliest appointment is next monday Thus I feel that Imperial's after sales service is that they do not have a systematic way of arranging for servicing and they do not understand the urgency and inconvenience to the customers.
  6. think it depends on your budget. For my 1st house, and being my 1st property, i installed the Clipsal LED switches. I thought it was cool and all my visitors were in awe. but then when i sold off the place, i can't take it with me. so the next owner benefited. To me, i think switches are just switches. Yes, they have the cool factor but is it worth spending that much? Ever since then, for my next few properties, i only stick to normal switches. that's my opinion
  7. my experience so far with 3 condos is that security deposit is a must but i've never encountered administrative charge though. it's probably your condo's management practice. Can ask them for black and white of the condo's house rules etc and see if it's stated
  8. you may want to try the plumber i used. rates are OK and not pushy...his name is David Chi and HDB approved tel:98584901
  9. I can recommend you my contractor. I did not engaged the services of an ID company so I got different contractors for different things. This particular contractor of mine, I am impressed with him so far. I feel comfortable with his services and most importantly, he is responsive and arrange for his workers to start the reno swiftly and promptly. PM me if u are interested
  10. it'll be returned according to the management guidelines. this 2k deposit is to ensure that your reno conforms to their rules and regulations such as uniform window grilles, no illegal aircon trunking outside the unit etc.
  11. you need to talk to your condo management office. i am doing my reno for my condo now. They ask for a security deposit of 2K. Initially, i thought that they will only keep the cheque and return to me when the reno is completed. But they actually bank in the cheque. Also, they give me a max of 3 months to complete the reno and i must provide a person contact number as point of contact as they will call this person if the reno workers dirty the place and did not clean up etc
  12. cannot ignite but the gas still coming out? is it your battery run out of juice? check under the stove...some are battery operated?
  13. Had PM you his contact. I got 2 system 1 and 1 system 2 from him. Chose mitsubishi
  14. i had just confirm Aron's company to install my air-con. My personal opinion is that he is responsive and I am impressive with his onsite installer/surveryor Sam. Sam was very detailed in explaining to us what can or cannot be done and ensure that he checks everything by climbing up and down to check that the trunking/piping can be run through the false ceiling etc. Also, the rates quote are reasonable compared to another air-con company i got. just to share
  15. Anyone uses orbital fan from kdk?