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  1. Hi Ivy, Could you pm me the good n bad fsm list too? Email: manfredteo@gmail.com Thank in advance.
  2. i think i given up on them, they took a week to acknowledge my mail of plan layout and till now i yet to receive their quote after a month. i didnt chase for it too of course. HAha! Their way of doing business is amazing.
  3. Hi Currently i am getting a new house without flooring for Living and rooms. May I know what is the labour to lay tiles as below: Living - 21.92msq MBR - 12.7msq bed2 - 9.58msq bed3 - 8.9msq home shelter - 5.76msq TOTAL:58.78sqm or 634sq ft May i also check with you if Homogenous tiles (example $3) price is base on per pcs 600by600 or by foot square run? I will also require to do 4x wardrobe / kitchen cabinet / ceiling / L-box / TV-console. If any contractor doing any of the above, do pm or mail me manfredteo@gmail.com the rates. Thank you
  4. can anyone provide / share more information? dont seem to be able to find any negative comments from them in the web. care to post some pics of their workmanship?
  5. wat kind of Quality u looking for? cheapest is $169 under clearance i saw b4.(high back) u can google 'lizo'
  6. Thk, dont flatter me . I will still require bro and sis here for comment of my design (not drawing), hope to make a wonderful hm.
  7. My Initial Dinning space. But my wife wan a bench style. Haiz i need to re-draw
  8. new 4room flat at clementi ave1 (still not ready)
  9. Thank you. Still trying to put in lighting in the correct manner. google sketchup for 3d autocad for plan layout