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  1. Hi Drexter, i mean for my case i'm afriad that the sound will escape cox no partition in the living room. For the demo room its enclose, its like watching a tv in ur room vs watching tv in the living room. Sound quality will really be diff.
  2. Thanks Drexter. I went down today to try out the pro cinema 600. Its really good but i'm afraid it is good due to the small enclosed room. Given that this HTS will be installed in my living room, I need to be sure i am purchasing a set that can play well given the setup area is 350 cm by 220cm and note that its not an enclosed area. If u look at the pic i drawn, the black box is my living room, plan to setup the HTS in the red box(350 cm by 220cm). Thats my only worry.
  3. Hi, 50% movie and 50% music. Is good if i can hook up to xbox in near future ! Thanks:)
  4. Hi guys need ur expertise on advising if the pro cinema 600 is sutible for my living room. My living room is a rectangular size, and the hts will be set up at the corner of the living room. Setup area is 7.2 ft by 11.2 ft. Thanks
  5. Hi Rottenramone, Is this the TV console you got from grafunkt? Mind to provide a closer pic plsssss THanks !
  6. True also things that are new tends to crop up things. Having things made in Thailand and yet prices still that exp, think not worth to buy. My only choice now is Panasonic ! Thanks Strikingreality!
  7. The stainless steel and Matt finishing too exp. (Too nice to throw if well maintain if it breaks down after some years) F&P compressor is from Matsu****a(Panasonic compressor manufacturer) but their fridge is mainly assemble in either Australia or New Zealand. F&P fridge has the designer look, vegetable compartment has roller for smoother opening and closing. Overall i'm still deciding to spend 300 more for a F&P or a panasonic
  8. For Fisher & Paykel Fridge, they do allow swapping of handle opening. Just need to inform the saleman to make a note there to swap the handle.
  9. Hi Ion, Your system 3 prices very cheap, where u getting it from?
  10. Hi, Am looking for any contractor who sold spray painted tempered glass, 10ft long 1 piece only. Please pm me if you know of any one who does it as it cant be fitted in lift and need to be transported manually to a 10th floor blk. Thanks
  11. Hi Can PM me the contact of the electrical contractor pls. Thanks