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  1. anybody? I only noe some folks here constructed kitchen sink base using concrete/tiles
  2. Hi all, I have a L shaped kitchen & my sink is located at the shorter L side. My washing machine is located juz besides the sink. All water from the sink & washing machine drains to a common pipe & the floor trap is located in the cabinet beneath the sink. This floor trap has been covered up by a piece of thin plywood. My kitchen cabinet sits on a cement base. My question is: is this the correct way to position the floor trap? After removing the plywood cover, I realised due to water vapour, it has turned mouldy. How should I prevent this or should I use another material to cover the floor trap? Really appreciate your advise or how it's being done in your home. Thanks all
  3. Hi chocoholic84, congrats on ur great reno experience. urs sound like a pleasure compared to mine! can I check with u, for your craftstone, did u paint over or apply anything like sealant over?
  4. hi beezeebear, can I check if you painted over your brick wall or applied anything over like a sealant? Congrats on ur wedding & beautiful home!
  5. Hi, would like to know the success rate of anyone's experience with pest control companies (kindly state company) & your pest problem. I'm thinking of hiring them to resolve my booklice issue (which I feel is spreading & driving mi nuts). However as pest control companies dun charge cheaply & require quite an effort on our parts (cleaning, packing of stuff), hence would like to gather feedback first. Thanks!
  6. if the booklice are now in my kitchen cabinets & I have no mould issues there (orat least none that I can see), what can I do? Hence for my craftstone wat can I use to kill them with? Man, this issue is seriously causing mi to have sleepless nights. WIll appreciate all e advice
  7. the booklice in my flat is coming from the TV console where I have put craftstone as a feature wall...how can I get rid of them? I tried wiping the TV console down with Dettol but I can still see the book lice crawling on them unaffected! I saw some crawling out from the bottom of the craftstones (joint between them & TV console). Can I spray dettol on the craftstones, inlcuding in between the gaps? Worried that as those areas are hard to dry, will result in mould problem Notice a few greenish patches on some of the craftstones & I wiped Chlorine bleach all over them (chlorine kills mould, no?). Any suggestions? I totally can't use my TV console for fear of these book lice which is irritating! Suspect they are feeding off the glue used to hold the craftstone to the wooden plank
  8. I have tried hard to look for a connector to connect my hose to my Fidelis/Critzo (can't recall which) mixer taps in my bathrooms. All the 'wu jin dian" I tried said it can't be done. I googled & finally found this Hozelock Multi Tap Connector which is selling at Homefix for $15.90. Atlas, it's too small for my tap (only fits taps 34mm wide). Anybody has any idea how I can hit the hose to my mixer tap which is 45mm wide? The sprout (metal thingy when water comes out from) is too short to connect the hose directly or usage of those metal clips. I would need to connect the hose to the tap in order to hose down the toilet or wash my air con compressor outside the window. Any advice is much appreciated!
  9. I read in a posting here, some forummer who sprayed the tiles outside his door with some antislip spray. Can't recall the link though. It's similar to what is being sprayed at public sectors on steps (normally a strip). He used a black spray & after spraying, the tiles had a rough surface adhesive to them so tat might work for u as anitislip treatment? u can try asking at those 'wu jin dian' or Homefix?
  10. I have just completed renovation for my resale unit. After I laid those bug paper in my cabinets, I've been noticing small dead cockraches in the cabinet beneath my sink. I'm not sure how they landed up there. I'm not sure if they are now noticeable due to them being poisoned from the bug paper or because we taped up the kitchen drainage hole beneath the cabinet which forces them to seek alternative escape route. As it is, there are water pipes cutting through the side of the cabinet & I'm not sure if the cockroaches are entering through the holes around them, from water pipes or where! I'm worried they are running around behind the backs of the cabinets which are totally brand new! 1) Can I seal up the drainage hole beneath the cabinet for good? Covering it doesn't mean cockroaches can't climb up still right? 2) DO you guys seal up the holes around the pipes where they cut through the cabinet? 2) My gas & some other pipes cut through my storeroom to my kitchen & as such, there are holes around the pipes where they cut through the storeroom. DO you guys seal those holes as well & what do you seal them with? The China worker from the tiler said they don't seal up such holes but now I'm worried about insects crawling through. Appreciate any advice. Thanks
  11. I found it onee neighbourhood hardware shop in Tamp. The proper kind selling painting & DIY stuff, not those japalang shops (sell pails, batteries etc)....let me know if u stay in Tamp & intend to try there
  12. Review of the shops I bought & checked out Brilliant Source: Found this shop through recommendations here. Offers the cheapest T5 & Downlights among all other shops I visited. Mr Quah is really a nice guy, he offered free installation & even for those lights purchased from other shops. Delivered the stuff personally & punctually. He told us that he even helped his client in the evening when her house electricity tripped (not coz of his lights) & she couldn't find anybody else. Also offered to source dining lights for us but told us honestly that we should buy from other shops if we find a good deal. However, cons are the limited variety of lights offered & he gave us the wrong interconnecting cables (my electrician managed to work around it though). Still, I would strongly recommend him for his prices & sincere attitude. He does't charge GST too, abosrbing them himself instead. Lights Station (Jalan Besar): Purchased my dining light here. Michelle (salesperson) was a friendly lady who recommended based on our budget. Though manager din look friendly, he was pretty helpful when it turns out the dining light we wanted could arrive only in Apr. He offered to loan us another light FOC till our desired light arrived but in the end, we purchased another light (he voluntarily reduced the price) coz I din wan to wait till Apr. Lightings.com.sg: Difference service offered at various outlets. However service is akin to service at big brand electrical shops which didn't appeal to me Budget Lighting (Jalan Besar): Saw a light I liked & at an acceptable price but when I returned, the promo has ended & price reverted back to normal. Staff could not give discount & hence I dropped the purchase. Average service & prices. Lights Boutique: Friendly guy serving us. However, his lights bulbs were house brands which I didn't fancy. Prices are alright too. A&S (near Brilliant Source): Wide variety of lights. However prices lean towards the expensive end.
  13. oohh ur place is realli bright & clean! pretty! can I ask what's the colour of your main gate grille? was it painted by the contractors?
  14. wow, looks realli lovely. Mind sharing the rough cost of the console & display cabinet? thanks!
  15. has anybody enagaged the services of Carol from Summit before? Tinking of going with them but wondering how to raise request for another ID. She's nice but we dun click, sad to sae