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  1. Hey guys. First timer bto flat owner here. Just need to check on some issues with those who have gone down the path. 1) I can feel the edge of some of the floor tiles when i slide my feet across. Is this normal? 2) Are there supposed to be gaps between the wooden skirting and the floor tiling (I opted in for flooring). There's a section with a gap that's 8mm top to bottom. How do they normally solve this? Any advice is appreciated!
  2. does anyone know if the wall (red) can be removed? http://i.imgur.com/YrLKDRy.jpg
  3. didnt hdb ceased doing cement screed foc sometime back?
  4. hey andotang. congrats on your new home. nicely done up! im curious why you and your wife chose a 2 room over at least a 3 room flat?
  5. There will not be any laying of tiles. The affected area will be hacked and leveled with cement. Laminated flooring will then be laid.
  6. Thanks for the reply KittyJems. The problem is my mum already went ahead to sign & paid a deposit before consulting me. I'm fine if the amount quoted for the nature of work done is reasonable. I'm quite clueless about all this so I'm kinda worried.
  7. Here's the background, floor tiles were popping up in the living room and one of the bedroom in my mum's 3rm HDB flat. She engaged a contractor without telling me to rectify the problem. The contractor advised her to hack the existing floor tiles in the affected area (living room & 1 bedroom, 2nd bedroom not affected), level with cement and cover with laminated flooring. Please do correct me if I'm wrong but when I hear laminated flooring, I think cheap flooring (they aren't real tiles afterall). They quoted my mum 6K+. This includes the job mentioned above plus painting 1 living room & 2 bedrooms. Kitchen and toilet not involved. Would like to hear some views on this. Thanks people.