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  1. Hi all, I read your comments and reflected on my behaviour so far. What you guys say is true. I am ashamed to say that indeed, I have started out with an agenda. I should not have done that. I should not be using my T-blog to try to pitch the idea. My intentions when I started this T blog isn't pure, now that I think about it. I think that it is because I was too engrossed into the $ part that I lost myself. I really thought that this idea would work and people would sign up. Believe it or not, I am not an evil man, simply an imperfect person, blinded by greed I truly wanted to improve the reno industry. I truly wanted to share ideas. That haven't changed, even now. To say that I was trying to get my post counts up is really sad. knownothing, I have checked out some of your posts too and I could also say that you are trying to get your post counts up. Not all of your posts are golden, you know? Same for anyone out there I guess. I mean no offense. friends78, I asked for contacts because I wanted to check prices, to see if I got chopped. Buyer's remorse. That time, I haven't finish my reno yet. My mistake is that I used the word "business model", which leads to people thinking that I was trying to make money off people's renovations. To this day, I have not made a single cent off the idea. I really didn't expect such a negative response. I guess it is because the people here are just too close minded. I am also a member at The Warrior Forums, and you can share any radical ideas there without such negativity. No offense meant, just my own feelings about Renotalk. I wanted to share my idea, but instead lead to people to think that I am dishonest and self promoting. To be honest, I have no idea how to share my ideas without sounding self promoting. I really, really just wanted to share my idea. I think I went along the wrong way to do it, which leads to people thinking that I am a fiend. I have learned my lesson. I guess I still have a lot to learn as a person. I want to thank adidaem, knownothing and friends78 to show me how flawed and how greedy I am. I have lost myself...and humiliated myself. Thanks for the "hit in the head" I promise that I will continue to improve as a human being. Luckily, I am still young. I would need to reflect on my behavior. But I am still determined to make the renovation industry a little bit better for everyone. Because once a problem gets to me, I cannot get it out until I solve it. Yet another of my personality flaw. This is the last time I would share my ideas here. I would also stop using this account. Please try to forgive me, guys. I truly meant no harm. I would remove all posts I made. Have a nice saturday, everyone.
  2. Actually, I heard from my friend that there are two version of Android. The "games" version and the "social" version. The "games" version would have better battery life towards playing games and the "social" version would be more geared towards social media. I am not sure if this is true or he is just crapping. If true, then S2 has which version?
  3. 9 years back...Is that consider long or short? How many years are the "normal" reno gaps?
  4. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I really need to learn to read.... I have never seen PLC downlights before, so I couldn't help...paiseh
  5. What's the difference between instant and storage?
  6. I think is around that price, for thicker tempered glass. Check with your contractor how many mm is it.
  7. Who say LED cannot compare in terms of brightness? I have an LED lamp and it is about as bright as the incandescent one
  8. Nobody would go down everyday...too troublesome Usually they go only when there is work to do.