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  1. Hi All, Back to Realtime, during this two weeks break I did not sit around idling. Periodic call to the defect team to check on the status, firming up the quotes given. We are trying to move before the lunar 7th month. So I need to chop chop confirm all the requirements. To date we confirmed the following items 1) Carpentry incliding false ceiling 2) Electrical 3) Loose furniture ie sofa, dinning table and mattress 4) Lightnings, still short of one pair of pendant lights 5) Painting 6) Ceiling fans 5x 7) Curtains I think at present we are about 90% in term of securing the sources to reno and furnish the house. I would need some advice from fellow Tbloggers, I am thinking of laying artificial turf at my balcony. Any good vendors to recommend? I only know Absolute outdoors, their price is a bit steep but their filtration system looks quite good. Thanks in advance for any inputs. Attached are the mood boards that I have compiled
  2. Finally!!! 27th May 2016 marks the day that my family finally gets our hands on the keys to our new home. We are all very excited to get a glimpse of the place that we bought 2.5year ago. We went in with the 1st appt available. I also arranged a host of potential contractors to come in for quotes ie electrician, curtains maker, painters etc. As its also a day to check our defects, we pray hard before hand that it will be minimal, as from the FB page, we saw acct of fellow residents complaining of many defects. We go with the usual pineapple rolling in and place Huat 糕 in the living area for good luck with the new house. Once everything settle, we proceed with the defect checking. Spent a good 6hrs checking through the house for defects. Keys things found are the uneven tile and hollow solid wood strips. In the mist of all this, the contractors start to come in. requirement were melt out and request for quotes were made. What a day.....I deserved a break. And I duly got it as the defect team need two weeks to complete the rectification.
  3. Hi Folks, Have joined this T-blog big family for a couple of years now. Benefit lots from the lobangs and reno knowledge that the Shifus here have unselfishly shared. Wanted to start a blog to document the reno process for my family 2nd home in the east. So here I am Hopefully my reno info/experience would be beneficial to others as well. Ok kindly bear with the old man here, will start off with the usual loso part. . Flash- Back--> Background: I stay in the east for the most part of my life. Married and got a resale flat in Tampines. Decided two years ago to get a second property. Looked at other parts of Singapore but in the end bought one condo unit(3 bd rm) at Loyang. I guess I am kind of fated to live in the east. While waiting for TOP, I started to look through fellow senior renotalk bloggers' experience in reno and buy magazine for inspirations. Came up with a list of potential IDs, contractors, reno lobangs etc. Over the course of the wait, I decided that with this new house I would go with no ID path. With this decision I start to narrow down the items that I will be doing up and its designs. Numerous ppt pkg was created with images gather from various sources like Pinterest, Qavant etc. I think my theme would be Scandinavian and abit of industrial. Love the wood accent and the white canvas walls. Joined the FB page of my development to get regular update on it build progress which helps with the reno schedule planning. With completion in sight, I set out to get quotation and visit the shop shortlisted to narrow down the choices. Its not an easy task, some would see it as a waste of time as we do not have the actual unit yet. Everything is base on the drawing provided in the brochure. But to me, I get to compare the prices of various contractors and the quality of the furniture that I am eyeing. This is not in rush mode so you get to analyze things carefully and rationally. Since I am not hiring any ID, the bulk of my Reno will involved customize carpentry to utilize the storage space in a limited living space. The search for the right carpenter intensified when I got news that the keys will be ready to issue out in 2 months time. With my carpentry design in hand, I call out to 5 different carpentry contractors to brief them on my needs and ideas. Requested them to quote base on the rough estimate measurement I took from the unit floor plan. The difference as i found out is as high as 10k with same required items With a limited budget, I narrow the choice to two carpentry contractors(A &B) that offer value for $ with my carpentry requirements. Another meeting at their respective factory and further communication with the carpenters, I chose contractor A. The reason why i chose him is as follows: 1) Good rapport(Chemistry), able to relate my design easily to him 2) Workmanship is pretty good 3) Price is more flexible i more room to add in additional item(color PVC etc) PS: I would not disclose the names of the contractors that I chose as the works are yet to complete. I will reveal more info when the Reno completes which i think its a fairer assessment of the contractor capability Will try to figure out how to upload the floor plan over the weekend.
  4. Was at AV for lunch the other day, the round rattan chair price range from $$65-85. Found two different price tags on 2 of the chairs, not so wats the diff as no one to ask
  5. oh thats a good deal, i saw the castlery ones on the web going for 60ish as well. Thanks for info.
  6. Nice poufs, you got them at spotlights? Wats the damage? Thx
  7. I think there is this shop that sell rattan make furniture, its opposite Alexandra Ikea, near the hawker center.
  8. Hi Peppermean, your blog is turning into a Taobao Bible for noob like me:) BTW do you mind share contractor W contact with me? TIA
  9. Thanks for the insider tips Jez2014, will put it to good use. Hopefully can save some $$ . How's your reno coming along? Any more pic to share?
  10. Hi Yelena, Your House is looking great, J&E carpentry kungfu really good. BTW are the plumbers and electricians are the sub-con of J&E Team? The pricing abit high.
  11. Hi HuiQing, Can you share your brother's electrician with me as well? 30% off your ID's quoted price is very good deal. TIA
  12. Hi Yelena, Do you mind PM me your contractor contacts? TIA