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  1. Welcome to renotalk! I like your t-blog, and your first photo on your moodboard is my favourite. All the best for your journey, and I hope this forum will be very pleasant for you!
  2. Sorry for the late reply!! Here it is- It isn't finished, and as you can see, it's a little more like a display shelf atm. But that's cuz my kid brother asked for some time to read my books before we move them over- bookworms run in the family! I have enough books to easily fill all the shelves; we might make another one some time down the road. My daddy can make a bookshelf from scratch Hope this helps!
  3. Xxxx. Sending beaucoup de bisous! Arsenal is second now and just 2 points behind yayyy
  4. HI EVERYONE I forgot my renotalk password AND THEN got locked out of my email for the longest time! But somehow today can sign in so quickly retrieve password. Here I am, and I'm just going to give my contractor's number direct (with his permission)! Here it is- 96919695 & email add: artha_reno@yahoo.com.sg. All the best in your home journies! Special shoutout to Kara-Anne and Ahyong- happy new year!
  5. Hi, I realised this t-blog existed yesterday so came to check it out for myself. I'm calling out the originator for this main point: Renotalk, as far as I can tell, has Always functioned as a community and support group. This place is just about the most helpful and encouraging spaces I've had the privilège of participating in. Your t-blog seems to be the antithesis to these. Why would you come here to bash features which people love and are proud of? At best, you wish to have a more discerning populace. But there are more edifying ways to go about that. I'm really glad renotalkers in general have kept the spirit of respect and solidarity even in this t-blog. And really, starting a t-blog inviting renotalkers to criticise others, then going around the community asking for help- let's just say, utilise the helpfulness of renotalkers if you want, but give back positively also can? Thanks, and I hope you'll one day see the grest gift in rejoicing with those who rejoice, and commiserating with the disappointed, even in a little online forum like Renotalk. All the best to you, and I sincerely wish the best for your own home renovation. Peace.
  6. Gosh that must have been super stressful ! Mann. So glad it was rectified. All the best for tomorrow ! Also cuz I want teaa hehe
  7. Hmm yeah you menmtioned something of a flareup ? Relieved to hear the hubs saved the day! #herohubs I Must unpack my clothes tomorrow. Two weeks of digging around a massive lugguage with spilled out clothes is untenable. Kitchen confirm made good ?
  8. I'm happily looking forward to being mesmerised ! But your fireplace really vvvvv impressive la; my maybe 2 years of renotalkreading alsonever see before. Truly original ! And it also is mindbogging what taobao has
  9. I'm reading your post and laughing. Silly girl, congrats ! it's nice to feel your happiness
  10. Ya agree, shiny gold matches glossy white > matte ! Fixer/vanish top layer is a good idea
  11. Yeahh do what you gta do. Like agonise between Ozil, Giroud or the little magician in your team And imbibing coupious amounts of tea never hurt. I'm looking forward to the realised home ! We're all rooting for you