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  1. Just to drop a note of thanks to Tim and his team. Got a Panasonic system 4 from them and the whole experience went on very smoothly. Responsible and upfront about what can or cannot be done. Highly recommended and I will gladly vouch for their good service standard.
  2. its a crap and totally crap industry...we just need to watch our own backs....
  3. anyone knows where I can buy decorative window films off the shelf? Looking for more then frosted. It has to be totally opaque to block out incoming light. Appreciate any recommendations.
  4. Hi, anyone who can do spray painting on existing window frames? I have got ugly blue windows and blue window frames (as part of the building identity). HBD not allow to change the color from the outside. So I am thinking of spray paint white on the interior part. The outside part to leave it as blue. Anyone done this before or know someone who provide such service? thanks!!
  5. not really. He quoted me even higher then my ID quote. While i'm sure his quality is good after so many people vouch for him on this forum, still i advise everyone to do your price comparison and homework before committing to any prices even when recommended as best price by fellow forumers.
  6. are you not doing your toilets also? what does the electrical includes? (how many single/double points, downlights etc) at your quoted carpentry work price, it better be a good quality type that should allow you to opt for sliding doors, larder units, soft closing, good grade laminates etc also $3 tiles....ask them which tile shop/branch exactly...same tile can cost different prices even at different branches of the same company.
  7. at least the salesperson at Hoe Kee was upfront and told me all their stainless steel will eventually rust and there are over 1000 over different grades of stainless steel.....so....i still bought their items and prepare myself mentally...
  8. generally...I can't accept such difference. Its gonna be quote costly for your contractor to replace...assuming its the carpentry or base not measured and done up properly. The counter top thickness sure is same. Also...if u have paid the contractor a good price, you should expect good quality.
  9. pls sack your ID immediately. He's not respecting you as a customer. I cannot imagine what other things he is quoting you other then the electrical works.
  10. rule of the thumb when visiting such expo shows....never sign anything on the spot no matter how tempted you are. Always take a step back, cool down, think before coming back again to commit. There are no such things as 1 time promotion...promotions are always there. I got alot of friends only intend to go to gather info...end up kanna ambushed, sign contract, pay deposit....and get stuck.
  11. how about your kitchen cabinets, kitchen worktop, kitchen sink and tap? no re-piping of water/gas pipes? hacking wall cost? no floor/wall tiles? all lightings re-use? any relocation of electrical/tv points? room doors re-use? no need to paint the house? installation cost of your sanitary wares? installation cost of your lightings/ceiling fans? contractors come in, there will be removal/haulage fees...
  12. you can give ah yap a call ***

    say recommended by Edwin.

    He's starting the work at my flat on friday. His schedule can be abit tight.

    I won't say he's super cheap..but i think he's an honest guy.

  13. there is at least a 40-50% markup by your ID. A few I have indicated in brackets