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  1. was looking around for a L shape sofa (half leather) for my house for quite some time. the length was constrainted to <2.6m. Wonder if anyone had any companies to recommend or advises? Understand that there is alot of brands out there, and as well as both good/ bad reviews. Went to the Furniture fair at Expo today, and saw Nova having a L shape half leather selling at SGD1500, with extension leg (which I dont need, as it will be hitting my coffee table). Had saw some bad reviews on Rozel and Nova happened to be same companies. Wonder any advises or recommendaton? thanks alot in advance
  2. How to get Yee Sin to do quotation? My bomb shelter is 210cm x 58cm (Configuration B) in their picture. 1) Do they only have plywood? No metal? 2) Can they provide shelfing till end of wall? 3) What is the cost of configuration B (if anyone had the same done up) 4) I noticed that at the joint of the L shape, there is no centre pole. All their shelving are screwed to it? Thanks alot
  3. saw the price quite reasonable, but not sure about its quality. looking at its sofa. any one had comments?
  4. anyone know of any company that I cna get 50 bottles of red wine (eg: Merlot) which is good and at a good rate (ie: <SGD15 per bottle)???
  5. Hi,

    how come you had 2 IDs?

  6. need some advises on the feasibility of this quotation, as I am not too sure of the market rate. 1) 10A lighting point x18 = $630 2) 13A single point x1 = $55 3) 13A Double point x5 = $325 4) Dimmer switch x1 = $35 5) Installation of light x25 = $250 6) Installation of fan x1 = $45 7) Shifting of existing switch x1 = $20 8) Shifting of SCV point x2 = $160 9) Shifting of existing phone point x2 = $70 10) Shifting of existing power point x6 = $240 11) change single to double point x2 = $80 Total damage: $1990 thanks alot.
  7. where to get good and reasonable pricing Yale lock? how do fix it to my grilles such that i dont need to move it around everytime i unlock it
  8. i got mine at gain city at SGD 699 with 80 bucks ntuc voucher. had not used it yet. but from engineering aspect wise, it is cheaper. you can check out Hong Liang Electrical at Alexandra Village. i guess they can even quote you later than this
  9. was looking for chandelier for my dining area and bartop. wonder if there is any recommended shops in JB that sell this? do they provide transportation? installation? as singapore price a bit on the steep side and design are almost the same in most shops... hope for some advises thanks alot!!
  10. Anyone had recommendation for L shape shelving without centre obstruction? mind sharing? thanks alot
  11. I am considering Maybank loan at flat rate of 2.98% for a 3yrs tenure... wonder if it is advisable?
  12. I am considering Maybank loan at flat rate of 2.98% for a 3yrs tenure... wonder if it is advisable?
  13. what the difference between Compact and Princeton? was reading the spec, looks the same..... And is Instant water heater better than gas heater??
  14. D For system 3, what condition I need to upgrade my thermal foam to 1/2" from default 3/8"??
  15. System 3 inverter with: 1) 3x 9000 BTU 2) bracket for outdoor compressor 3) insulation foam to be 1/2 inch 4) 1x wood to cover window above the door any good recommendation for this requirement and price? thanks alot.
  16. can someone tell me the cost/ experience/ pros & cons of the following heater from 707? 1) Protek 2) Princeton 3) Compact thanks alot.
  17. Wonder which brand is better? both are from Italy also....and cost wise pretty comparable... any one had experience with them and mind to share? or advises what to look for when choosing hob/ hood
  18. my ID also had not heard of accoya wood.... end up I use iron wood instead of composite wood as: 1) cost difference is about SGD 200 more only 2) composite wood will feel hot under our weather, since it is plastic 3) composite wood do not need maintain, but once stained, it is almost impossible to remove, unlike iron wood which can be polished and varnished.
  19. Hi Jerome, can quote me the following; 1)Turbo T7933G-col 2) Turbo 753VTSC-col-2 3) Turbo TSL-90 4) Turbo T6001-90SS 5) Mistral Water heater MSH-8 6) Mistral water heater MSH 909 thanks alot. (p/s: i dont see pple asking for Turbo hob/hood, is it good?)
  20. I am also looking for reno loan urgently: 1) which bank offer lowest rate? 2) what is the difference in interest eventually between flat rate and variable rate? -> which is better? 3) 6x monthly salary is maximum we can borrow? thanks...
  21. Looking for day & night curtain for my new house. 1) wonder if I can do it under 3k for a reasonable curtain for a 5 room flat? 2) any recommendation?
  22. Looking for a system 2 aircon with: A) 2x 9k BTU OR B) 1x 9k BTU, 1x 12k BTU with: 1) bracket for aircon, as old flat. any good recommendation??
  23. LED is known to be long lasting, and won't KO so fast. but question, when using the fan with LED, will it blinkers? like some fans with lights.. it simply made one dizzy. how much it cost to install of that LED fan and how long? remote control? warranty? any details?
  24. I called them (evorich) up too, and they recommend me Accoya wood