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  1. Just some thoughts. If you have time to wait, go order online at Iceprice.com ( german website) or another supplier from Germany that is Hansgrohe suppliers. I read and pour through alot of reviews in this forum and was skeptical ordering online from Iceprice but eventually I did. Total cost approximate S$25K for all the taps ( Hansgrohe) , basins ( Duravit) , toilet bowls ( Duravit) inclusive of around $1.9K Gst etc etc. Goods came all in 1 nice wrapped pallet as promised. If I buy locally be it distributor or Hansgrohe showroom itself, it would cost me at least $55K and still I have to wait 2~3 mths ( depending on models) which online German dealer just 4 weeks including shipping via air and clearance ex-stocks. Really no brainer... The savings is tremendous really and the local dealer just charges exhorbitant price including local Hansgrohe itself. Do some research in Iceprice.com etc and really helps you to save alot if you buying in bulk.
  2. Hi, I think it's not a problem as long as you dont get those mega rain shower that exceed limits of the water consumption. If you go to Hansgrohe showroom in Singapore, some of their products does not pass PUB standard as well. I wanted to get the Hansgrohe Rain Heaven shower but was told will not pass the PUB inspection for my rebuild house. Anyway, i purchased online from Iceprice Hangrohe & Duravit sanitaries worth of goods value at $23K and after waiting for about 1 month, the goods was safely delivered without hiccups in 1 well packed pallet. If I would buy it locally here, it would certainly cost me more than $50K! Even the GST consideration of approximate $2K...it's still a fabulous deal for a top notch German sanitary product!!
  3. Beach Road Prawn Noodle in Tanjong Katong or Upp East Coast main road Opposite directly a Shell station ( Canot rem the road) is the best I tried so far...
  4. Never ever allow ID to undertake any landed A&A or re-construction works. ID is good only for interior design works & interior space planning but not experienced nor competent with structural, engineering, approval process with relevant authority for project of such size or capacity in my opinion. For such projects, it's always good to engage experienced builders ( land projects) or pay an architect to save all these hassles and troubles. Alot of ID firm will want to take up entire jobscope of such capacity and end of the day, they still have to engage 3rd party structural engineers, architects ( Use their license for approval submission etc) so all these add up hidden cost you will not know. After viewing many projects and references, I shortlisted my builder who is very good & experienced and has his own architect, engineer etc whom I believed he worked with them for long time and in my opinion it's very crucial for builder + architect + engineer to work in tandem happily for easily submission. Total architect and professional engineer fee only cost me $25K. So far the progress is very good and in a breeze which is key for my speedy completion so I can move in soon. I guess now, you really have to speak to your ID or architect if not it will surely hinder project progress which I have seen many home owner suffered due to this....
  5. Hi Kim 76, May i check with you that when you placed order with Iceprice, does they deliver door to door or just until the airport custom?? I assumed you need to pay 7% GST when clearing you stuffs in the Singapore custom?? Is it a hassle to clear the custom and what procedures / documents we need to present?? ( E.g - Invoice and bill of lading??) If you need to pick up from the custom, do you have recommended company that you can intro me?? Like to hear you advice and guidance on above if you can kindly assist as like to make purchase from them possibly??
  6. Can I check with forumer that if anyone make purchase via online Iceprice.com for their quality Grohe or Hansgrohe sanitary products or German products??? Their price seems alot cheaper compare to local authorised distributors ( even after 30%) where they include shipping cost delivered door to door?? Anyone has any experiences ordering online from Iceprice?? I like to make some bulk purchase for their Hansgrohe products just contemplating on their reliability and like to seek advice from local forumer who place order from them?? Thank you.
  7. If I were you, I would chose 200% on the single storey sitting on 2200ft rather than 1600ft double storey house!! 1.) The value of the house is measured by the land size than the height! Buyer will be looking at the land size rather than build up area. (Dont be fearful of your house being dwaft by your neighbours but instead appreciate the nostalgic charm of an old place.) 2.) Also bearing in mind, you will be getting old and why need the 2nd floor climbing up and down which the 2nd storey will become redundant?? Hope this helps....
  8. Guys, Thanks reply. Btw, I read the forumers that they use Amazon or Ebay to buy kitchen sinks and taps etc. The prices in Amazon is almost 50% cheaper from the retailer here but I just wonder if the fittings for those Hangrohe or Grohe product similar to our installation and if it works here?? Thanks advice
  9. Sorry Kim...i mistook the kitchen sink as yours and it's Toonie sink!! Thousand apologies!!! By the way, Toonie & Kim, basis your good knowledge and expertise...can you advise good size squarish ( with round internal curves) europe make Franke undermount kitchen sink that works like above which also can place a flush in chopping board like above?? Also, what is above sink tap?? Seems really awesome!! I heard abt all these pull out taps being not so durable and gives way due wear and tear but wonder if these kitchen taps shown here is durable and lasting??
  10. Kim, Many thks your prompt reply!! I"m not particular abt price and very willing to pay more as understand every goods has its own value. However, i"m very particular about good quality kitchen sink as I cannot stand rust and need good real solid kitchen sink which is fuss free and require little maintenance and attention. I like the kitchen youtube sink which demonstrated good planning and yours Kraus sink which is squarish, undermount and has a "depressed" groove to put your wooden chopping board sliding around. I very much like this concept and wonder if you know or can recommend any Europe make Franke kitchen sink that is relatively good size, squarish with round internal corner edge ( like your Kraus) for easy cleaning, undermount and has this depressed resting to put chopping board?? I cant seems to find any information on Franke europe make sink in here or website. Thks vm.......
  11. Hi Kim and the rest of the gents, I'm in the mid process of overhauling my house. I"m comtemplating to get a square Franke sink ( undermount) in both of my wet and dry kitchen. Just want to check with you guys your opinion on Franke sinks versus nice Kraus ones. Thks your advice....
  12. Never chose the cheapest as it will turned out to be a sloppish job and poor quality finishing which you will pick up the pieces and reminification after you moved and stay there for a long long time..... Cheap doesnt equates to good...
  13. Hi ladies / Gents, Just seeking some kind opinions and experiences as in the midst of overhauling my washroom and bathroom wares. Any home owners has good / bad experiences using Hansgrohe wares, Duravit wash basin and WC as compare to the rest of the renown brands??? Laufen?? Also, I learnt alot of home owners using Geberit flushing system and wonder how is Italian Valsir flushing system performance compare to the famous Geberit system??? Thks all your input..
  14. Yes. Just be ready to budget minimum S$500 ~ S$600K for a complete rebuild but I really doubt it will be enough if extension to 3rd floor for space maximize. In my humblest opinion, S$800K shld be sufficient to cover with reasonable finishing but if you have more will be good. I have a colleague doing a minor A&A for a plot 2160ft and his budget is S$500K but it already busted so be ready to buffer another 20% for contingency. I suggest you ask for an open tender with at least 3 builders for price comparison. Again, not always the cheapest will deliver the best in terms of lead time, finishing, quality work etc and good to take a look at their project references separately etc in how they deliver and finish their work.
  15. For complete rebuild, just be ready to budget $700K ~ $1million for a decent quality finishing touch to a complete new house. Again...all depends on what you like for your lifestyle and quality of the house and not burnt too much $$. Simple analogy...Some people can only accept Italian marbles or granite... Hansgrohe taps..Laufen washing sink...Fascina windows...Miele fridge + oven..Loewe TVs.....but some can live with something simple. However, I doubt in current market climate you can make do with anything less than $500K for a newly constructed house...... If you wait longer..be ready to pay higher due to continual inflation.... Just my views...