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  1. Hi! Have anyone used Hoe Bee Renovation recently? Went through the internet and found that they were sought after a few years back but nothing recently.
  2. Hi! Thanks a lot all I was sceptical of the price too coz I went online to research and seems to be a bit steep. Tried to ask the company to reduce but they refused. Saying it's below their cost...blah blah. @NiftyServices, can pm me your company details and quote? Thanks.
  3. Hi! I have received quotation from a contractor. However I am not sure about below quoted and is it reasonable or any hidden cost? Thanks a lot in advance for all replies! Plumbing Works: 4 Supply labour to connect inlet & outlet for washing machine5 Supply labour to install kitchen sink & tap.6 Supply labour to install storage heater7 Supply labour to install accessories L/sum $800 Provide labour, materials & tools to electrical wiring: On Site (Shouldn't this be quoted instead of waiting for on site?) 12 Single Power Point 1 x 13 $90 per point13 Double Power Point 2 x 13 $110 per point14 Data Point $150 per point15 SCV Point $125 per point16 Lighting Point $45 per point17 Install Lighting Fixture $15 per light Quotation 18 Install Pendant Fixture $30 per fixture19 Install Ceiling Fan $60 per fixture20 Oven Point $120 per point21 Hob Point $120 per point22 Hood Point $120 per point23 Modify Switch $45 per switch
  4. Hi Lala, Nice renovation and congrats on moving in. I have the same layout for the kitchen and was also planning to have a half glass wall for it. But I would maintain where the kitchen entrance at. Was considering if your layout is much better for opening the room up. Do you mind taking some pictures of the kitchen from inside and out? Thanks a lot!
  5. I love those fans. Do you mind to telling the brand and where you bought it from? Thanks!
  6. It's at Choa Chu Kang called Sunshine Gardens. It's still a long way to go. Lol. I just found out about this forum and enjoy drooling and admiring others transformation! Trying to gauge how much I have to saved up till then. Just being a kiasu me. Hur hur.
  7. Hi Sohnice, Beautiful house. Congrats! Do you mind telling me the ID/contractor, Reno quote, where to get the floor trap and the switches. Thanks in advance!
  8. Not anytime soon. Still waiting for bto to be ready. Just enjoying the knowledge gathered from RT and watching beautiful transformation.
  9. I love your foyer light too. Very classy. Can share where you bought it from? Thanks a bunch!
  10. I vote yes! Hehe. I wanted one before.
  11. Wow, the whole house looked well maintained and beautiful.