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  1. Hi Beng, Reading your post brighten a rainy day So happy for you that your "Diamond" is back in action... Your post about the kitchen & service yard really send chill down my spine ah... Please pm me the contact for the store rack & Ryan's one too... I think I need another set of blinds for my kitchen to shield off sun for washer and for privacy... keke Thanks in advance
  2. Hmm.. apparently we couldn't get in touch with the contractor for a couple of days... and was very upset over it. We finally got hold of the contractor and work has resume yesterday, just keeping fingers cross that the balance carpentry work can be completed What happen to your aircon trunking? Mine leak the first time we on it but the guys came back quickly to rectify the leaking problem. I was quite please with their proactiveness... at least when they say they call back, they really call back and this applies to both their sales & services. Just go pester your sales guy...
  3. Hi natural9, guess Lightcraft will be a better option to get the lights Hi niko, I have shifted in but sad thing is there are still outstanding carpentry work that need to be done and there are alot of hindrance to the completion. It's has been a stressful week
  4. Hi Beng, congrats on your move-in. Sad to hear abt the broken chandelier but gald that no one was hurt & a replacement is on the way. Your place looks so good and I believe everyone have settled in. Congrats again...
  5. Hihi.. how's is everyone doing? I have been busy packing & settling reno issues 12 Jun 13 Laminate flooring for rooms are done, pending for some rectification works Living TV Wall, pending for carpentary work A peek at some of the lights installed... The electricians are still installing the LED Strips, Downlights & Tracklights
  6. Wow.. wow.. wow... I believe all of you did enjoy Jay's concert Haha... me 30+ also wave light stick and sing along at Ah Mei's concert... We are always young at heart, right Beng, all the best for your reno... hope everything is progressing well
  7. 07 Jun 13 Partition and sanitary wares installation are going on today Seems that work are progressing well... hopefully handover can be on time
  8. 05 Jun 2013 I was greeted by painting & partition materials It's also delivery day for the Sanitary Wares & Induction Hob+Hood Luckily after co-ordination with GC & HoeKee, I didn't get to wait too long as the place was so dusty
  9. I second or third that... the flat I bought is 28 yrs old and the common bathroom ceiling is so slanted Some walls are also slanted Luckily after plastering, the walls still look okay otherwise
  10. Yippee... electrical wiring completed today
  11. Hi ProjectH, thanks for dropping by The bathroom light from Light Craft @ Jalan Besar. Hehe... it was a pleasant surprise for me. My hubby felt that I over-reacted when I saw the bamboo holder...keke...
  12. Thanks, Beng. All the best to your reno too Hi jus4fun, it's part of the HIP to replace the hole-in-wall type to the one in the pix. I don't think you can replace on your own.
  13. Hi faifai... thanks for dropping by. Yes, doing whole house reno...
  14. Thanks, faifai... My new home is under renovation and do drop by my tblog
  15. The reno burn my pocket to ashes (like what Beng says in his blog).., so have to skim on certain things
  16. Hi juxstapose, the kitchen light is from Chong Ying @ $30 per pc & Store Room light is S$19 from Lightcraft which is a sale item.
  17. 02 Jun 2013 A pleasant surpise for me I was worried about hanging clothes outside the house as I am so used to putting out bamboo poles with 2 holders (similar to below). I was so excited when I saw the installation of the bamboo holder going on Plastering work finally complete, the ceiling & walls are so smooth now Finally got the Kitchen lighting, purposely pick a simple light as I hope the focus will be on the backsplash and cabinets. A cheap & simple Store Room light from Lightcraft : Spend a few hours with ID & contractor to finalise details for the work going to be carried out this week including the light switch details/locations, carpentary details, colours for the house... and many, many more Electrical work going to commence tomorrow, follow by sanitary ware delivery & installation, partition and ceiling work, laminate flooring and carpentary work... hopefully everything is going to be smooth sailing and handover will be on time
  18. Welcome faifai... welcome to RT and your reno is looking good
  19. Haha.. me too.. pocket already burn to ashes
  20. Hi folks... last went to do progress check on 28 May 2013 and plastering work is in progress. Electrical, partition & ceiling should be completed by early next week: bedroom laminate will be done next week followed by carpentary work. Spend half a day yesterday calling to make arrangements for delivery and check out prices from Movers. Initially I want to enagage Helping Hands but I'm having doubts after reading a few neg. reviews Novena is delaying the delivery of the Dining set to end of Jun I was gald that I called to confirm the delivery, otherwise I will end up with either a "no-show" or "no-Dining-set" on the agreed delivery date. Hmmm... I guess it's better to call all parties to confirm delivery/installation in order not to wait in vain. We are meeting ID & contractor this Sunday to confirm on the delivery timeline and handover date. All seems to be looking good, hopefully it turns out good too. Have a great weekend, folks Do stay tuned for more udpates next week
  21. Haha.. .you are correct ah! Must clean after cooking... just that the oil stains are not easy to come off Hopefully the glass hob is easier to clean bah...
  22. Wooo... allow me to share my personal experience with the stainless steel hob & backing. In reality, it's not easy to maintain. After oil splatter on the backing, you need more effort & efficient cleaners to clean it and you will need to clean it every time after there are stains. The same happens to the hob. Heard from sales that the inner flame type is practical if Hob is near windows so that the flame won't flicker or go off so easily. If the flame flickers, the food will take a longer time to cook I'm going for glass surface so hopefully I don't have to work so hard to maintain the cleaniness.
  23. Thanks, keeping my fingers cross... the big picture will only surface next week after the partitions are up Although Hoe Kee is not the cheapest place but I was impressed with the sales guy so decided to get most of the sanitary items from them. Do take note about the gap between the wall and the WC hole, you will need to check with the plumber in order to get the correct WC; there are 2 types - 6" & 10" gap. The Blanco sink & tap is having promo now... though there are cheaper granite sinks in Jalan Besar, I decided to pay more for the Blanco sink & tap as I love the alu metallic colour (aka grey) As mentioned by Beng, just sign up for a Peeka account and the rest are quite easy. You have to copy and paste the TB links into the Peeka website and update the shipping charges, qty, colour, size & etc. After you have confirm all your orders, Peeka will inform you the amount to pay for deposit. Payment is via bank transfers. Then just have to wait for the goods to arrive in their China office and shipped out to SG. After they inform you that your items have been shipped out, you have to make the balance payment. Then just have to wait for the goods to arrive Hope the simple explanation enlighten you.
  24. Hi Beng, Thanks for congarts Yes... I also find there's alot of trunking running around No choice as the MBR is tugged in a corner of the house... plus point (for me) is there are no visible trunking in the living room or rooms, most of it will be in the wardrobe or "hidden" behind the beams. I can only pray hard that the insulation can last me at least for 5 years, hopefully more...
  25. Hi folks, Pardon me for the messy background of the photos... I just wanna share the photos of the aircon trunking hoping that it can inspire some ideas for fellow members \ Electrical rewiring starts on 28 May 2013 and pop by late last night to check on the progress. All existing wiring is removed and the Openet cable was in good shape (I was afraid that the electrican remove the Openet wire as well... remind both contractor & ID to handle this wire with extra care) Also found out that plastering & partition work will commence this week If there are no delay then Carpentary work will be done next week and Contractor will be able to handover 2nd week of June I have gear up on my packing...