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  1. Hope your reno will be a smooth sailing one!
  2. Didn't take any photos of our loots from JB. So sad right... We were sooo tired after the tiring 5 hours scramble. So I went down today to snap a pix of our downlights pending installation. Downlight with e27 holder is super hard to find in JB; apparently LED downlight is very popular there. LED's price is cheaper compared to Singapore but I am not sure about its quality. There was this rude shopkeeper who said "e27 type is outdated already, you should buy LED"! To each its own lor, period. And here's a sneak peak of the yummy paint colour for my study! So glad I took the plunge and chose this colour
  3. Someone told me that I haven't been updating my tblog so here are some pictorial updates. Well, there was slight delay here and there which adds up to my sian-ness, hence haven't been updating here I am doing concrete base for my kitchen's bottom cabinets. Was kinda disappointed when I see the end product here. My island's storage space is so shallow! I would have requested for a bigger depth if my contractor warned me that using hollow block will reduce the effective storage space. By the time I discovered this, tiler has already done the concrete structure so we didn't do anything about this. It wasn't until after tiles within the island were laid, that it kinda hit on me hard. Will definitely request for a deeper island if I get to do renovation next time! I find the tiler's workmanship could have been better, for grout lines are not consistent. Some appeared much wider than others. The flaws are magnified especially cos I am using black grouting. Didn't request for re-tiling cos I've seen how hard the tiler uncle has worked, I will feel bad if I ask him to re-do! I was told by my contractor that it will look nicer after chemical wash, really hope so
  4. hahaha. I think its a website to watch shows.
  5. Interesting layout! When is the expected TOP date or month?
  6. Alamak, WMF really not suitable for asian cooking? I bought a wmf pan for pan frying cos i'd prefer something without non-stick coating. Some people say stainless steel will cause food to stick, but I read many tutorials teaching how to avoid sticking, so I 不信邪 wanna try it out myself! I also bought a cast iron dutch oven pot from Staub, did some research and decided to buy this brand instead of le creuset. Now lacking a saucepan for cooking noodles! Intend to buy a Jap enamel brand with colourful exterior, probably yellow! Also plan to get a cast iron grill pan, those with grill lines so you get nice grill lines on seared meat and can use it for panini too! And a tamogoyaki pan too! Ok, sounds like I wanna buy all the pots and pans in the world! LOL
  7. Today painter removed the curtains and I saw dust swarm dancing around
  8. Or can ask him don't do chemical wash in the bathrooms just do general cleaning? cos i didn't renovate the bathrooms except for changing WC and some accessories. But both bathrooms are dirty now, very "muddy", machiam battle field.
  9. Alamak.. i dunno know why WC and bathroom accessories installed so fast. this didn't occur to me until the sanitary fixture were installed. Too late to reverse anything i guess?
  10. I've seen ciggie butts too! Oh well.
  11. When acid wash is carried out, will acidic fume affect sanitary fixture especially chrome plated ones? One shop told me better to wrap it or don't install first. Told my contractor I have this concern, he says he won't install the toilet roll holder and toilet hand spray, end up the workers already installed.
  12. It's too big for me. Thanks anyway. Hope you find a buyer soon!
  13. If you like teak, can have it custom made at Second Charm. They use vintage teak recycled from old furniture, good stuff!
  14. Yes, open already but luckily the shop allowed me to exchange. But I have to pay $30 for the delivery. Alan still dare to ask me if the shop charge me anything extra. ZZzzz.
  15. You mean throw in the house, not in toilet bowl hor? LOL. I ever helped to throw away those kopi plastic bag, cos scared got ants etc. But after awhile, seeing all the coke cans, plastic bottles etc... I gave up. Why should I help them throw? I not their mum leh. These rubbish somehow "disappear" after a while.
  16. This is outrageous, floors also? ZzzZz. My toilet bowls will be installed today, hope I don't kena such thing. Speaking of toilet bowl, I bought the wrong size cos alan gave me wrong measurements. This was only discovered when workers came to install. Zzzz.
  17. Can PM me the pix, dimensions and price? Can I know which shop you bought it from? cos I wanna buy several more holders and tracks too.
  18. Went JB to source for downlight with e27 holder, didn't know this is so hard to find! Went several shops, all in different areas, which is super tiring. Some shops do sell but they don't have the simple white frame with no glass design we want. End up buying them from the 2nd shop we went; picked a size which is 1 inch bigger than what I intended to buy. Couldn't find tracklight with E27 holder in all the shops we went. Anyone who happens to have seen it in Singapore, appreciate if you can let me know! Quite surprised there are interesting fans in JB. Some shops are selling Vento Fino fan "chiong", but branded under Alpha and Fanco. Prices of the copies are of course lower. If I haven't asked my electrician to seal up the fan point previously created, and if I haven't bought my table fan, I'd have bought the chiong version. Painting is starting tomorrow! Gonna go down to brief painters what colours to paint where, to avoid any mistakes.
  19. Hi, i found this picture from CB2 website, not sure if they are selling this model in Singapore though. You can check out cb2 store at Peranakan place.
  20. Hi Freakerz, thanks for offering to drop by. Will let you know again if I need help. Will re-look into this after I move in; now super busy with reno. Just curious, are you an enthusiast or network contractor?