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  1. Its just a habbit. Any way PD is more ex then the norm type. And end of the day you might not use to the way the door operates, its just our preference, like your ID mentioned, more trendy. Happy Reno!:D

  2. Make sure really apple to apple and not apple to something else.... This is to be fair to the service provider. Happy Reno!
  3. Make sure its done up by LEW, which is much costly as they are suppose to be professional. But there are many out there who claim can do, and ended up in a mess. Do take note. Just have to be careful, and sometimes a bit of luck.
  4. Wah! Saw yhe pics. This is beyond acceptance. Can share the ID name? Must bar him/her liao!

  5. There are always such ppl around to outshine the ones with good attitudes. This is life. And we live once... its one's choice to be good or bad... up there is giving us the freedom of choice. Its a phase of change in mankind, if everyone has the right attitude, there's a brighter tomorrow for the next generation. This is Karma of life.
  6. Its good to have homeowners like you around to save the responsible IDs and Contractors! A million thanks! But this newbies in reno industries is killing the rest of the good newbies! Sad to see that....sigh
  7. Not that I know of. May be for master and common room only but still DEPENDS on the size of your wardrobe. Full Height or what?...
  8. Yes. A very practical guy. Its up to you to explore. Comment too much become advertising already. Not my intention. I just recommend Happy Reno!:D

  9. oh..is jeffery lee the boss?

    now with a contact number...i can just text him..easier..:)

  10. You may like to go to their office to take a look at their carpentry works and painting works as well. Contact person Mr Jeffrey Lee 90300486 Happy Reno!:D

  11. Blog Entries

    sweetie7296's Blog > Expertise In Water Leakage

    Posted 03 December 2012

    I would like to express my thank you to Mr Jeffrey Lee from Uchi Interiors who is an expert in water leakage. Currently, my house is facing water leaking and the staff of Uchi Interiors approached me to offer their services after seeing the renotalk blog. She fix...

  12. Saw u posted no response from IDs whom u approach... that's why ask u try to check with sales.uchi@gmail.com

  13. hi,

    any comments on the carpentry workmanship? and others like painting?

    cant seem to find ms sweeties blog to have a view..pls advise.


  14. To be frank. The package is too good to be true.
  15. Have to give and take. Some good IDs have products of their own which are cheaper. Whereas some just go by adding % to cover project management cost. Genuine ones do in pros way, but sales designers are a bit diff...major non experience, that's why lots of headache.