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  1. Always check randomly, so your tenant do not do funny things.
  2. For me, never believe in signing exclusive. If you get a crap agent, you will get stuck with them.
  3. There are plenty ways of going around. We have seen a lot of husband and wife team, husband helping seller, wife helping buyer, so they do not do co-broking. Some get their colleague as a stand-in to help buyers to complete transaction. In the end they still gets to keep double commission.
  4. Well, every sport seems potentially dangerous in the beginning, I mean when you are beginners, but once you are good at it, nothing is dangerous no more.
  5. If sleeping is consider hobby, that will be my best hobby. Could have given more time for it.
  6. To keep body fit, there are a lot of aerobic exercise you can do, running, swimming, dancing and the list goes on. For me, the best is still weights training. Just get simple dumbbell maybe as a starter go for not more than 10kg weights. Just do 15 to 20mins everyday, it will definitely tone up your shape. Just trust me, I'm not going to show you my shape. Weights training is for shaping you, doesn't matter ladies or guys.
  7. Hi all, I'm new here, I chance upon this thread through google, searching for a storeroom rack, interestingly this thread has all the vendors needed to buy a storeroom rack. So I follow all the members advise, I call up all the related vendors, do some homework and check out their pricing vs quality, vs good look, vs metal or wood that sort of research. Something is missing out, I check out an ads from olx, and I found this guys selling the full metal storeroom rack, from the look of the website, I think this guys are quite new, so I went down to their warehouse and check it myself. I'm totally sold. Its a white, fully metal rack, just nice for my storeroom. So I bought 2 to form an L shape. In fact, for the record, I went down to check-in most of the vendor in our thread here. I'm not advertising for them, neither do I want to be flooded with pm the next day. check this link yourself, http://storeroomrack.com I'm doing this just for the benefits of all the members. Anyway, carrefour is gone, the other places you can check for storeroom rack are Giant, and some of the bigger DIY stores in Singapore. Compare around you will eventually found something you like. So much of research, just to get one thing, sure looks like I have a lot of time....and my next mission is getting a ceiling fan.