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  2. Hi, my suggestion is to have two sides of cabinet. Priority is to have enough storage space and work area to prepare your dishes. Side A (at the bottom of the floor plan) - fridge at the right corner near the entrance to the kitchen - top and bottom kitchen cabinet along this side. You can stretch the top cabinet over the fridge for more storage space - have you sink and hob along this side as well. - you can place your built-in oven under the hob, so you don't need a tall unit to save cost Side B (against the H/S shelter wall) - only bottom cabinet here, so that you don't feel too cramp. Side A may not have enough counter top space, so you will need Side B for more preparation space. - you may have half the length for cabinet and another half the length for a breakfast counter Some consideration, try not to block the kitchen entrance by placing the cabinet too close to the entrance. Use light colors to help minimize the space constraint and give the kitchen a bigger feel. You might want to include a kitchen door to contain you cooking smell away from the rest of the house. Hope this helps. =)
  3. Sharing some ideas you may consider for a modern victorian concept. For a break away from the traditional english feel, a more contemporary style blends with the victorian concept to create this modern and elegant victorian theme. White as the main color is used to create an open and airy feel, complimented with gloss finished homogeneous tiles for the living room. Some dark colors for furnishing are used to bring contrast to the surroundings. Cornices are used along the edges of the cove lights to compliment that victorian feel. Cabinets and walls have the victorian-like wood trimmings. Some pictures for reference below. More can be found in the same album at the gallery page.