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  1. Help help ~ Anybody with a 32" kraus sink still active on this thread? Can u pls pls pls contact me or post a photo of your installed 32" kraus ?
  2. How come U r shipping to China instead of directly to SG ? If u send to 65daigou U better go by SEA if not U sure cry. Amazon charge shipping fee for my Kraus to SG around SGD300 or so can't recall exact figure. But when I want to ship it back to them for replacement, I was quoted like SGD$1400 by DHL and UPS. So I guess Amazon ship to us is cheaper fee compare to you ask other ppl to ship it for U.
  3. J did not reply to my sms so I contacted E. Drop him an email now waitin for E to be more free to give me a quote n hopefully bring me go see some of his work. R u going to use your house as a showflat ??
  4. Hi kim~ *waves* Now is in the midst of finding ID haha house got delayed. I requested for concrete support Cox I Thot the sink is heavy. But ID told me no need coz my sink not very heavy haha. So just wanna see are there any other 32" users here would wanna seek their opinion haha
  5. If I having a 32" kraus, do I have to do concrete sink support ? Or just normal carpentry is enuff ?
  6. Wow ~ congrats mrK ! Hmmm has anyone tried shipping Corelle back ? LOL. Is it worth shipping back ?
  7. Mind sharing your price n contact for the haiku fan ?? Thanks So is the haiku fan really very good ?
  8. Hi JohnB, Would you be able to share the contact for the door closer ? Thank you ^^
  9. Wow~~ If I could, I would love to award you with the most enjoyable and funny TBLOG award hahaha If u dun mind, can u share with me your contractor contact and quote ??
  10. wow marathon~~ u must be very fit
  11. i also excited about your showflat but I not in town =( *sad*
  12. can i have the link for your track lights and dinning lights? how many watts did u get?
  13. Ok thanks coz I already bought my kraus somw time ago but yet to get my keys So haven buy my taps yet haha