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  1. Thanks Apple1! Ya! Now i headache, cannot buy oven anymore. Hub very happy tho! Lol!
  2. Thanks Vanessa!! =) I shall try to take more pics and post up! =)
  3. my now messy and filled up table top! No place to put kitchen top oven nor rice cooker! Anyway bought the auto coffee machine at a steal! weee!! happy.. Love my chococino. Couldn't find green tea latte! the living room! While using 32' tv moved from our bedroom! and the other view. Maybe should remove the throw and re-take a pic. =) Tv just got delivered on tuesday! No space to put my clock now. and tv looks humongous! and the long awaited painting to be up! Moved this all the way from Aussie while on my honeymoon. We know BKK will have loads of this but didn't think we will be travelling to BKK anytime soon. For AUD200, it's quite cheap.. =)
  4. House is finally done up! Moved in 2 weeks back and was busy enjoying the house. Pics here and probably conclusion on my reno later.. =) A comparison of 3d versus the actual. Love how my kitchen looks like now. Kitchen looks the best so far. LOL My master bedroom. Love the chandelier. Realised one issue with the frosted glass toilet door. It allows light to shine through, so it is a little too bright when i let down my 95% black out curtain. had to cover the toilet windows with towel nowadays! So, unless the toilet door is not directly facing the bed, maybe a good idea not to use! my master bedroom toilet! (trying my best to hide one corner. LOL) Common toilet.
  5. Happy news that make my day today!! Super super happy. First of all, kudos to Fortytwo.sg. They really have great service I will say. I had ordered my bedframe yesterday only to find out that earliest delivery date is 21 Sep. I was planning to move in on 15 Sep! So, I was dismayed, although that means I really just have to sleep on the floor. But, still trying my luck, I asked if I could arrange for earlier delivery. And this morning! just received a call from them to say that due to a postponed delivery by a customer, they are able to give me that piece and deliver on 14 Sep! Now, that's really flexibility we are talking here. So, really big big thumbs up here cause it really make my day! (even if it is due to a coincidental chance that someone postpone) =D Also went to check out on new house again yesterday. Slowly liking how things are forming. Should have used cool white for downlight, cause we are switching on more of it due to cost efficiency. hahaha. Shall post up pics once uploaded to imageshack.
  6. Hi ck83, it's all aluminium, even the frame holding the door. And this whole thing, including the frame. Costs about $500
  7. very thankful to a friend who helped to go through all the hassle to bring these two fans back! felt so embarassed that he had to go around buying these! Very happy with this buy too! Ceiling fan saved half price, as for stand fans, probably about 30%? went to hunt for rice cookers and saw this very chio black hitachi one. But not sure about the reviews for it too! Then, there's also Philips's rice cooker. This one has a very thick inner pot, which claims to be good? and this, older model i think Saw some zorjirushi and tiger's rice cooker which i was not able to take pics cause the sales person was hanging around. Still considering if to get either one of tiger or zor? Or hitachi/ toshiba/ philips? OR just get the normal old school type? Since cooking rice for 45 min is just way too long! We are used to having food once we are back, so the old school models which only take about 15 min seem like better options for us!
  8. the elkay sink from heritage front view more pics of carpentry work.. common wardrobe, love the colors showing the empty space, maybe can put a clothes hanger in future. and my mbr wardrobe. laminates are wrong! as in, should have more of the white shiny pieces! ! ! Feeling a little upset that it's not what we have planned. Carpenter has probably not told Roy and just decide to do it his own way. Can only take it as it is. feeling a tad bit unhappy on this. but again, adopting the 80-20 view on this. it's not exactly ugly anyway. and also Mr Jimmy Chiam of Jit Sheng Aluminium did a great job. The lobang at kitchen there fixed with windows
  9. Common bedroom wall has some holes! But ID confirmed that they will do back properly. The drilling of console into the wall cracked the thin wall. haha. View of kitchen in the day Love the white Toilet accessories also delivered on the same day! bidget spray in white
  10. lack of updates recently due to pure laziness and lack of interest in continuing this blog. haha. so. just gonna post up some pictures and let them do the talking! Wall tile changed because not using Citygas. guy from Teng Yong Curtain came down on 24 Aug to measure curtains length etc. Confirmed quote came out as $300 from initially expected! The cloth designs they have. Buit chose this instead! A bit dark for my liking... Prefer white or lighter colors. Hub prefers some contrast.
  11. Hello Ck83, I do not have the contact. It's my ID's contact. =). it's aluminium framed door with frosted glass. Like it much, and no concerns like glass doors which will sink over time. Cost me about $500 if not wrong..
  12. wanted to check out if cabinets are up. But not yet. haha. probably too anxious! Noticed that my toilet doors are up tho! It's aluminium door, with frosted glass in between. Decided to get this after noticing the bathroom door of my friend's house is sinking and the door can't be locked properly. Still looks as good! Will take another photo after the black tapes are removed. So here it is now And here's my switch by the wardrobe - Tentatively only a lobang now. lol I was still talking to hub, we dont seem to have a theme. Rojak I will say. But as of now, it is still as per what I envisioned it to be. Pity I couldnt do up a scandi theme cause it will not match no matter how. LOL. Still like how it is progressing tho!
  13. by the way just to check if anyone knows about moving in ritual???? I am having different input from ... saying that cannot roll pineapple cos if it is spoil then it is bad for the family. And what no longer need tothrow rice! i didnt even throw rice at the start la, supposed to be a must right! tsk, totally make me in flip table mood...
  14. LOL, drunkenchivas, i managed to get a m'sian friend to go in and help us bought sensa, plus 2 stand fans! So saved my trip to go down! But of cos, missed out on pumping petrol perks and makan lok lok. haha.. I jsut need T5 similar lights with covers in the kitchen (hidden by the walls) 2 of them.. think maybe see where have.. I become philips supporter, all lights from philips (and appliances)! But of course, cannot hiam on design la.. I admit some of it really not so nice and chic.. pretty envy those nice lights!!
  15. Love your brick wall and design of the house! Very nice with the splashes of color here and there..
  16. ok shall go check them out at taka! talking about ovens, I dont have built in oven... after seeing what happened to my mum's built in - spoilt cause it wasn't used and now is only as a storage for pots and pans. But yet, I kinda felt that I should have done a built in. Looks like I might get a table top oven - Hitachi Water Oven maybe? Supposedly to be healther cause it uses steam power to bake etc.. I hope it's not advertising gimmicks!
  17. then, there's also altar! done up window grills up! woot! if only i'm not staying by the corridor! But coming to that, I'm already very familiar with the family staying the unit before me, and yesterday the lady staying at the next unit after us came to spoke to hub and me. Super super friendly and nice family too! welcome us and I'm feeling so blessed to have really nice neighbours! =) Again, back to topic.. Here's my hub pulling out the sliding glass door, whereby you pull out one and you pull the other door out! Woots! no greasy living room when cooking! ok so that's about it, Roy says that it will be done by today. So can go and have a look on thurs or Friday! =) and i need to get 2 kitchen lights. because using track light, and it's not bright enough.. oh well....
  18. Following is the common wardrobe design. You all might wonder why my mbr has no lights while the rest has. That's because of them having to do up the wardrobe, cut a lobang in the wardrobe and fix the switch before they can do up the lightings! So ya, I still do not know how bright is my mbr with the chandelier! Back to topic - Common bedroom wardrobe design border of wardrobe kitchen cabinets! tv console - not done up yet cause this is not the design we want!
  19. shall not bother to amend the earlier posts! So sneakily while at work... I'm so happy how things are turning out! So here is my master bedroom vanity cabinet love the color of the laminate! gosh. A pity I didn't have a scandi theme.. =( it's really just so nice.. Btw, I didn't opt for scandi theme cos I dont have any parquet floors even in rooms (since I didn't hack the floors.. ) and here's a picture of the feature wall after acid wash (i trust it's after since it's so clean) MBR's wardrobe I forgot to take a photo of where the switch is supposed to be! I saw a lobang by the wardrobe, was staring at it but forgot to snap a pic. haha!
  20. i cant post pictures from my ipad nor nexus! give up, shall try doing it tmr while at work! now u all know why postings are only in the noon!
  21. pictures fresh from oven,carpentry work partially done today! master bedroom vanity cabinet! wardrobe compartment
  22. Hello Miraclesg, that's for glass sliding door, it will sit in the space u see.. Cos we dont have anywhere else to hide the door hahaha. Plus we don't want fixed panel.. Very warm!
  23. congrats to end of reno!! very nicely done up!!
  24. by the way, how much did you spend and wait for your dining set from TB? not sure if i should get it from TB. haha
  25. Eh gosh i also stayin at corridor flat! And i changed my windows too.. ****, can we self handle this issue?