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  2. 1ST APPT: 20 Jun 2013 2ND APPT: 18 Jul 2013 HOUSE: EM Flat Bukit Panjang FS Master: City Plaza ID & Contractors: Reno: 18 Jul 2013 To starting this small blog for my bro to supervise me to help him to fulfil his dream house and to document renovation process a bit by bit. He do not engage any ID, and most of the ideas come from himself. Below are floor plan <p><br /> </p> <div> </div> <
  3. is to rebounce 煞气。 two type of 八卦. one is concave, another is convex.
  4. i will get my new house soon, also walk in cabinet in mbr. if u know how to design, u can get a swee swee 风水 and big 财窟 avoiding the door to door. ps. 风水忌直通,喜曲折。
  5. 一命二运三风水。 风水might be only 20% of the above. u will get extra point if u get it done correctly. some people 命好,富人住旺地。 my flat ex owner bankrupt and runaway, after i move in, my salary keep going up and promoted. and is typical 烂风水屋子。 regard天斩煞,if the angle is chop to your house, place a 八卦,9宫八卦or 山海阵to that angle. regard corner missing, depend on which one is affected, u can try to replace the corner by certain 法器。
  6. depend on where u want to put, who to use. from shape can differntiate the 五行。 good one is, deep to 纳财 , color deep, can feel the reaction when u put hand inside.
  7. paiseh, angmo not so good. use chinese to reply 1.床要靠墙,为靠山。能避免小人。solid wall会加分, partition wall is not so solid.扣分 2. 三门通,钱财一路空。 说的是门对门再对门。 三门成一条线。 也注意不要门冲门,门冲床。