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  1. Jorteganz

    My Bishan renovated house

    Satisfied with my Contractor and posting these pictures of my house for all who want to see..
  2. Hi, if you don't mind. I can recommend you my contractor. He is well experienced. Even though I have the knowledge in design. He is more hands on in terms of construction, his quotation is reasonable, and itemized quite detailed. You will see his dedication after engaging this contractor. He will personally look into the renovation process. He even gave me a schedule and really keeping it to the timetable. He was the first person to contact me in 15 mis. After I sent out a request for quotation from all contractors. Due to my bank standing. Bank loan was reduced. He gladly revised my quotation. I want you to check this contractor, not only that he became my friend after engaging him. Even though my construction is still on going. He manages his time to follow up with some decisions that he need from me. PM me if you need his contact. Thanks
  3. I bought a house. And wanted to do renovation. I listed a few contractors. Screen them. Check HDB accredited contractors. Ask for quotation. 3 contractor stood out from my top 8. I sent out a request for quotation. And they called me. Instead of you doing the effort of looking for better contractor. Why not let them contact you. Then screen them. Check their website. Check the reviews. Finally engage a contractor. He is the first person to contact me in 15 mins after I post a quotation request. I am now on the stage of starting the renovation. Renovation loan approved. What I really like about my contractor, is that he gives me ideas. Although my experience in design is good. But he got better experience in construction. Due to my financial standing. Bank reduced my loan. But my soft spoken contractor, gladly revised the quotation to suit my needs and suggests in cutting down cost.