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  1. Try not to get new & inexperience ID (even they tell u they have snr ID follow them) or else u will have nightmare like me bcos a lot of things won't get it right on the first time. I have supervise the whole reno and they are hardly there. Make sure u hold at less 20% of the payment till the end and pay the last 10% after 1 month after handover.
  2. Some of the contractors' worksmanship from ***** Design are very bad. Their alum gate contractor's workmanship is bad, I tot the gate they install is a 2nd hand gate. Lot of nicks, chips and scratch lines. Until now they haven't give me an answer. Their Plaster contractor also very bad. My walls keep cracking and I have not move it yet. 讲是天下无敌,做就无能为力
  3. Tazzer


  4. Hi bro, I'm planning to install 1 ceiling fan **** and 2 ceiling with lights at bedrooms (with remote control). I having not decided with brand to go for, Fanco or Crestar? Pls advise and provide the quote. I'm also lookinig for downlights. Pls provide catalog n price list. Thanks
  5. Dear Tim, Can you quote me Mitsubishi Starmex Sys 2 + installation. Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the infor. But now I wonder if I order the led light with it come time and my contractor able to install
  7. I'm looking the led light for fall ceiling. BTW how you paste picture on the forum? Thanks
  8. Hi jun4fun, Thanks for the infor. I'm thinking get the Fanco fans but is the other model.
  9. Hi Jus4fun, Is your ceiling fan's light bright enough to shine the room without led lights? And is the wind strong? Can I know what brand is your ceiling fan? Thanks
  10. Hi, can I know how order the items from Taobao? Did you engage someone to order and help u to ship to SG? Can I have the link for the lights u bought? Thanks in advance.