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  1. LOL. that sounds like something to do to impress a gal....stars on the roof! bwahhaha....sorry arh.... Zero romantic genes in me... TB has A LOT of stuff. If you don't type in a description to search, you will lose patience after the 2 or 3 page of stuff... Hahaha....there are literally thousands of pages, and even with a description, you can still end up having a few hundred pages with similar stuff...unlikely to 'stumble' upon something by accident based on my search for product experience. LOL.... Shopping on TB is challenging if you can't read a lot of chinese...especially when there are sellers using the SAME photographs to sell their product at all sorts of prices. The range of pricing is sometimes quite ridiculously different. Makes you wonder if the higher priced seller is chopping you up like a carrot, or the lower priced seller is just showing the same photo but will send you some lemon. I almost always end up reading the comments trying to 'guess' if the lower priced one is a good bet or a heartache.... Though there is an option to stick to tmalls. They seem to pay more to get a shop on taobao and they are less likely to play punk with their own reputation. The disadvantage is of course they are higher priced...
  2. the link is in post #325 too...Here it is again. http://item.taobao.c...&id=17730554016 Yes, this is from taobao. No complaints with this so far.
  3. Oh, no worries. Discuss all you like...I'm not offended or anything... Just that a shed isn't what a regular HDB dweller would look for, so no help from me here. LOL...
  4. Heheh...I was only 'good' in languages during school days, so reading Chinese isn't a pain for me. Gimme chemistry and I faintz...that's why I am not even sure if the salt container steel is the problem or the chemical reaction is the problem....wahaha.... Technically, a lot of the stuff is MIC, even if you buy it from USA. Though of course, if the brand did ask their manufacturers to make it in China, there is quality control in place there. I am pretty sure the brand wouldn't want their name stuck on something that is too lousy. Some MIC really CMI (cannot make it)....but so far so good for my purchases..nothing extremely bad encountered so far. TB has loads of stuff for sale. not sure about garden sheds though. Not too sure what it's translated as either. A shed sounds like a huge item. Are you talking about a whole wooden 'house'?
  5. Er...looking at the door photo for the bathroom...I think I agree with your ID that bi-fold will be less cramped. Based on photo, whoever is in the bathroom better lock door, even if just washing hands. In case someone doesn't know the bathroom is occupied and swings door open with too much force on the outside. The person standing at the vanity likely to get hit by the door. LeonJenna's is in master room, so probably less problem for them since most likely they are the only ones using the master bathroom and they would know if the other person is in the bathroom?
  6. pm-ed you. Same for me. I only renovated mostly on kitchen and 2 toilets, didn't go for ID either. Totally lost when IDs ask me what 'theme' i want....that's why my 'clueless' blog tittle. I the 'strange' fella with no theme.
  7. sorry, which holes you referring to? LOL. Actually, ants are so small, they can simply even live in a crack in your grout line...*touch wood* - not that my grout line has cracks. I think it's not possible to have no ants. Can reduce them by ensuring cleaning up of food drips on table/counter and throwing the trash out every day . Yes, i found ants....they usually appear at dining table area. Just a few here and there, not serious....no idea where they came from. They don't march in a army like those in my parent's house, you can trace them one whole line going back 'home'. My place's ants are more loner types, you see one or two appearing on a ad-hoc basis. There is also a lizard living somewhere in my kitchen. I have never seen it, but I have cleaned up it's droppings a few times liao. Luckily my entire kitchen wall is tiled, just wipe with Mr. Muscle and the brown streaks comes off cleanly.
  8. Update : DO NOT get stainless steel for salt container. Some kind of chemical effect with salt+humidity in singapore + steel. Either that, or the seller is bluffing about this being stainless steel. The container has 'rust' brownish spots on the inside of the container. Aiyah, I forgot to take a picture before I threw it out. Really grossed out with 'brown' salt. [they got stained.] Gives me an excuse to go shopping again~ not that I needed one....
  9. Marble polish liao will be very shiny and nice Provided you like the marble though.....
  10. eh...no seller agent also can? I got my flat also without buyer agent leh. I had a very 'talkative' sister who help me call seller agents though. Most agents thought my sister representing me. LOL Congrats on getting your own place!
  11. Yep, MrWhiteKnight is right. Only after completion transaction done. Also depends on what time your resale transaction is..LOL. Mine was in the late afternoon so my contractor had to submit the permit application the next day, coz the computers still hasn't been updated with my name as the owner, Alternatively, if the ex-owners are comfortable, they can sign a idemnity form (renovation) to authorise you to carry out renovations on the resale flat before the completion. Go hdb site and search idemnity form to get a copy. You bear all the risks after this point though, so you have to be sure you are comfortable with that too. [ie. any defects,leakages, watever, HDB will look for you, not for the current owners, even though technically the house isn't yours yet without the completion appointment.]
  12. Hi, the stainless steel pull out rack is $240 each.
  13. My sis's place main door has electronic with fingerprint function.... If you usually have problems with fingerprints recognition devices then you will have problems with this fingerprint technology. Niece's hands not sure is too wet or too dry or too whatever....her fingerprints can never clear the Singapore custom's biometric gates coz her thumbprint cannot be matched. And her fingerprints can't clear her home's electronic door lock as well. Always gets an error message. She's using password to unlock the door. It doesn't have to be the thumb by the way. I see my sis registered her forefinger print.
  14. Hi~ pm-ed contact details. Not sharing detailed quotes though as I think might not be fair to the contractor coz different requirements and all... I did have a listing of stuff I did on post #42. http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/64232-clueless-singles-4rm-reno/?p=841830 Total reno is around $32K. Hope that helps with your budgeting.
  15. PM-ed you the price plus the Courts outlet I went to. I hope the salesgal is still there, she was very pleasant.